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The Source chiropractic is more than just your ordinary chiropractic office. It is a place of connection and community. A place of learning. A place to collaborate. A place to center and find your balance. A place to shed and a place to grow. We honor each individual's journey to health and wellness and envision a community connected where collective consciousness creates cultural shift.

Meet Our Interns!

Intern Crago

Intern Crago is one of the most athletic, talented, passionate and caring people you will ever meet. She is committed to mastery and delivering a chiropractic adjustment that has the ability to connect you to your inner source of abundance. Along with being among the top of her class at Life Chiropractic College West, she has also completed over 260 hours in Professional Applied Kinesiology, attended multiple Bio-Geometric Integration Seminars, and is currently studying in an Upper Cervical Training Program. Her diverse background and skill-set truly sets her apart from the rest. Book Intern Crago for an EXTRA-ordinary experience.

Intern Jones

Intern Jones is committed to giving, loving and serving his community with the chiropractic adjustment and the chiropractic principle. He has countless hours of MLS level 1 and 2 adjustment training. He has completed 100 hours of Professional Applied Kinesiology, attended a complete set of level 1,2,3 of Bio-geometric Integration, and is currently studying in an Upper Cervical Knee Chest Program. He trains everyday, and is committed to mastery to deliver an adjustment with utmost ease, love, honor and respect to connect you to your inner source of abundance. Book Intern Jones and let you light shine!

New Booking Now Online!

You can book your intern through the links in their bios above. Choose from new patient initial exam, a chiropractic adjustment or re-evaluation, then choose your intern and then choose a booking time the calendars will reflect your interns availability. Please put your name in the subject of your booking and you will receive an email reminder the day before your appointment.

If you haven't been to a new patient orientation, come get your chiropractic education on every Wednesday night at the Life West Health Center at 7pm. If there is a friend, family, or loved one you think might benefit from chiropractic care or you would like them to learn about what we do please bring them with you or send them to one of our talks.

Coming up at The Source...

What the future holds for your Chiropractic Interns Brett Jones and Melissa Crago soon to be Dr. J and Dr. M of The Source Chiropractic

We will be graduating from Life Chiropractic College West in September 2013 and opening our new office in the East Bay Area. Our soft opening will be in January 2014 and then keep your eyes peeled for a Grand Opening Celebration in February or March of 2014. We look forward to continuing to take care of all of you after we graduate!!