Behavioral Adaptation

Suckling By: Cassie Rickman

What Is It? How does it help organisms survive?

Suckling is for young mammals to get milk from the breast or udder of the mother. A baby mammal needs important nutrients such as milk to be able to grow and be strong. The mother of the mammal has to provide this milk so the baby animal can be able to drink. It is safer for young mammals to get milk and food than having to go out and hunt for it. These young mammals can last longer cause they are not being killed and getting nutrients from milk will be easier for them to grow.


Migration is the instinctive, seasonal movement of animals. Animals migrate to get food and move to warmer climates. It keeps them alive and helps them survive through different weather changes and when food becomes scarce in seasons. It also keeps a species alive by reproduction, seasonal movement can also mark when its time for species to mate and reproduce.