HB Weekly

News and Notes from around the Field

Summer Approaches...

Kids graduating, summer vacation plans firming up, warmer days on the horizon. A great time of year. Let's try to wrap up June with some momentum and head into the second half on a high note.

Some numbers

Field Winner vs. Loser accounts summary

Totals for the field from the recent winners vs. losers report (through early June).

Out of a total of 2,168 accounts

  • Winners: 115 accounts representing $1,642,391 in revenue
  • Losers: 130 accounts representing ($2,053,067) in (revenue)
  • Drops: 134 accounts representing ($1,253,007) in (revenue)
  • New: 104 accounts representing $606,343 in revenue

Some pretty mixed news here, and not a huge surprise based on our YTD standing. I think we should look at the high total of Losers and Drops (164 accounts) as opportunities... let's try to win them back with aggressive offers, positioning new solutions, and demonstrating our value. Revisit them, why did they decline or go away? Also go through your inactives, because the "new" category represents both new logo and inactives that are purchasing again... overall the emerging/inside world does a better job than the field in terms of reactivating accounts. Let's focus on this in the 2nd half. In the EDU world, there are not a ton of new market entrants that can spend much $$, so we need to talk to all of the accounts that are still in the market and spending money... just not with us right now.

ED Week story the CA drought

An interesting read, and it looks like for the education community and the US economy overall this issue is going to have a major impact, it seems like it is largely ignored in the Midwest, kind of a "that's happening somewhere else" mentality. That is likely to change if this keeps up.


New Opps Created in Q2

Nice work by the field in this area!

We have created a little over $2M in campaign solution (WAT, Amplifier, Agency) opportunities, and over $13M total. I realize not all of these can close this month :-), but we'll need them just a much in the second half - it always starts and ends with pipeline development because sales is a numbers game. Thank you for answering the challenge and driving new potential business, I hope that the conversations leading to these deals are helping you establish yourselves as consultative sales people positioned to lead our clients.

The following RM's have created $1M or more in new opps so far in Q2:

  • Bachrach
  • O'Halloran
  • Pederson
  • Demaria
  • Shields
  • Stack
  • Wilson

In closing

Stay upbeat and excited, continue to believe in yourselves. We remain in an interesting market where money is being spent - let's get our share. It's not too early to talk up the EdNET Conference, the Marketing track represents a great opportunity for our clients to learn (and learn more about the new MDR). Use social media channels to spread the word and engage with clients and prospects, new and old. A simple, and attainable, plan I follow is to do one social media outreach and/or post per day. I often exceed it but doing just one is solid if you stick with it. I continue to be happily surprised by the number of connections and conversations with executives I can drive through Linked IN. It works.

I'll see some of you in Shelton this week or next, and will talk to the rest of you many times as we wrap up the first half.

Be well.