"Super" Spruce Scoop

Volume 2 Edition 35

May 23, 2016

Ms. Hernadez - Dorsey Elementary

We have some truly outstanding teachers in the "Super" Spruce feeder pattern! Pictured below is a wonderful example of what I am talking about - Ms. Veronica Hernandez is a third grade bilingual teacher at Julius Dorsey Elementary School. Day in and day out, she exudes commitment and compassion to her scholars. As a result, she is one of our Top 100. Read more about her using this link.

Finishing Strong

As we race toward the finish of the school year, I would like to ask all of our team members to finish strong for our kids. I make this plea to everyone - teachers, staff and administrative team members. Our kids do their very best when we have high expectations and we manage them accordingly. Providing clear expectations and high visibility will allow our kids to be successful. Let's make the last two weeks of school as focused and intentional as the first two weeks of school.
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Professional Learning Communities

The Systems Review process causes us to reflect on where we are with all of the meaningful systems which help us be efficient and effective. Specifically, PLCs are high leverage and have the potential to move instructional quality through engaging instruction conversations and activities.

At our recent feeder pattern principals' meeting, we discussed what made PLCs effective and outlined the top 10 most meaningful PLCs. Please keep these in mind as you begin planning for the upcoming school year. Some of them were:

  • Data Meetings
  • Thinking Through The Lesson protocol
  • Studying Student Work
  • Conducting Learning Walks
  • Developing Common Assessments
  • Modeling Lessons
  • Article Studies
  • Sharing Best Practices
  • Using the TEI Rubric
  • Aligning the Curriculum
  • Culture / Climate Discussions

Also, during our recent coaching visit, I shared for consideration the allthingsplc.info website for PLC resources and the Solution Tree website if you were interested in taking a leadership team to a PLC conference. Here is the Solution Tree link.

Testing Security a Priority

As we move through our last wave of testing, let's ensure test security is a priority. While each of you has held a testing meeting to outline the expectations and conditions for testing, we all recognize there are other aspects of testing which must be managed before, during and after testing.

Before testing begins, someone from the administrative team should walk all classrooms and hallways in which testing will occur to make sure all content on walls is covered. The testing room organization should allow for easy flow of materials.

Once the testing is underway, test proctors are to remain mobile and vigilant. This means they circulate the classroom throughout the entire testing time. By doing so, it will allow them to maintain a secure testing environment as well as keep our students focused.

At the conclusion of testing, all materials are to be checked-in through the testing room with administrators checking-in on the collection of all materials before the close of school.