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What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a field of research that is concerned with building materials and devices on a molecular scale. At the scale that nanotechnology is worked at, normal properties of chemistry and physics do not apply, allowing carbon nanotubes to be 100 times stronger than steel and six times lighter.

What can nanotechnology do for you?

Nanotechnology can create cheaper and lighter but stronger products that can perform more efficiently at a much smaller scale, using up less resources and allowing a higher quantity to be made with the same amount of resources.
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About The Nanotechnology Industry

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing industry with a massive budget. It is estimated that in about fifteen years, the global nanotechnology products market will exceed one trillion dollars. The US National Nanotechnology Initiative rose to a budget of 849 million dollars in 2004

Nanotechnologist Information

If you like to figure out and understand how things are made, enjoy conducting experiments, and excell at science, nanotechnology may be a suitable career option for you. Nanotechnologists often work with other scientists and engineers to produce and enhance products. They work in a lab using special equipment at a molecular level. Their work involves finding new properties of elements and materials at an atomic level. All of the work Nanotechnologists do is extremely fascinating and important for the advancements of the future.