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Big Round Pumpkins, Crunchy Leaves...Fall Sure is Hard to Beat

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break! This week we will continue to celebrate fall while also touching on Halloween. We will explore what is inside a pumpkin as we clean one out and carve it. Our costume parade is on Thursday, 10/31. Please send your child's costume to school. We will help them put on their costume.

Weekly Skills

During the next week we will work on a variety of preschool skills. These skills are modified to make sure they are appropriate for the variety of ages we have in our class. Below is a list of some of the skills we will work on during our theme is Fall.
  1. Counting objects to 10
  2. Labeling numbers 1-10
  3. Imitating writing strokes, drawing shapes, making letter approximations
  4. Following 1-2 step familiar and unfamiliar directions.
  5. Labeling letters A-D, capitol and lowercase
  6. Placing letters in appropriate order
  7. Demonstrating the concept of more/less
  8. Commenting and asking/answering questions during large group instruction.
  9. Playing alongside others.
  10. Engaging in cooperative play.

Home Activities

As we work on a variety of skills during the next two weeks we look for further reinforcement of skills at home. This continued encouragement of concepts will increase understanding and application of those skills. Below are activities to do at home.
  1. Use the attached handouts in the e-mail to work on various skills from the week.
  2. Play dress-up with your child. Encourage them to pretend to be like someone in their family or a favorite character from TV.
  3. Play a few board games over Fall Break. These are great for encouraging turn-taking, following directions and attending to a task.
  4. Rake leaves with your child or go on a walk. Collecting leaves on your walk or while raking are great to use to glue to paper and make a leaf book. You can also look for decorations for the Halloween season on front porches.


  1. Thursday, 10/31 is our Costume Parade. Please send your child's costume to school. We will help them put on their costume at school.
  2. We are in need of napkins, Clorox wipes and bottles of glue. If you would like to donate any we would be grateful.

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