It's Me Again

November 12th

The New Page

Your child should have his/her new writing information in his/her black notebook. We placed it in each notebook this morning. If you do not have your child's new page (new"opinion" writing), please let me know.

Who is telling the story?

As you know, this is one of the questions that you have seen on your child's reading comprehension questions. When answering this questions,'s a two-parter. The children have to tell who is telling the story, but they also have to tell HOW THEY KNOW. A good rule of thumb is to use the picture AND words to explain how you know. For example: The little girl is telling the story. I know because on page 7, it says, "I am putting my toys away" and in the picture the little girl is putting her toys away.

Using the text

When your child is answering questions, please use the words in the questions and in the book to help him/her spell correctly. While it is certainly appropriate (and encouraged) at this age to "sound out words," we want the children to spell the words correctly that are given to them.

Complete Sentences

Please be sure that your child always answers nightly questions in complete sentences. There are times that it may not specifically say to answer in complete sentences. It is always best, however, to answer in this way. This will also help your child score higher when given their "official" tests.


Why do you think the little girl was crying at the end of the story?

Incomplete Sentence: Because she could not find her puppy.

Complete Sentence: I think the little girl was crying because she could not find her puppy.

Homework Reminder

As you know, homework is sent home on the first day of the school week. If there is a week (such as a short week or a review week) when we are not going to send homework, we will send a note to let you know. If your child comes home without homework (and no note), please let us know the following day so that we can send it.
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