Invader Zim Hammer your Grammer

By: Matthew McConnell

Episode: Nubs of Doom!

Simple- Here’s my latest calculations.

Compound- I miss you couch, I miss you so much.

Complex- What do you call that, a face, you human pig smelly.

Compound-Complex-you don’t have to worry about me Zim, I am going to be like my dad, and be a scientist.

Independent Clause-I didn’t say anything.

Dependent Clause-I am not.

Prepositional phrase- You are covered in lies human Dib.

Appositive- Just wanted to congratulate you son, on another day of excellent work in the field of real science.

Gerund phrase-Banging his head on the table gave him a red mark.

Infinitive-I have always wanted to be a scientist.

Practicable phrase-Son, I detect you’re not happy about something.

Irregular verb –Everything has changed.

Passive voice-I knew I shouldn’t have shopped at the wizardry shop in the mall.

Active voice-I will beat you human stink beast.

Tricky verb pair-Gir stop sitting on the couch and get me a snack.

Verb mood- Do you like tacos?

Colon-Tell me: why does everything want to hurt Zim.

Semi-colon-Zim has done it; I will rule the world.

Coma-I do, son.

Dialogue- Gir will you shut up with the “dutio dutio dooooo”

Ellipsis- oh, yeah, I guess you can hide… Hey Wait!!!

Dash-I’m fine, jus-

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