By Raquel Sernas

Why do we need it?

Birth control helps protect young women all around the world from their worst fear, getting pregnant at a young age. Birth Control can come in the form of a pill, a shot, a ring, a patch, etc. Millions of girl use birth control in order to protect themselves from harmful things such as HIV, STD's, etc. Also, birth control protects young women from becoming pregnant at such a young age, The problem in many countries, especially America, is that birth control is not free and can sometimes be very expensive. We encourage young women to be safe but yet we prevent them from doing so by placing a high price on birth control that could potentially be very essential for their lives. With the help of the government, we can ensure that birth control is affordable and easy to obtain by providing free birth control to women of all ages.
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Where do we get it?

Birth control can be provided to you at both private and public health centers including a walk in center, a community health center, and the most common public health center, planned parenthood. You can also receive birth control from family doctors and even at a hospital. But a cost is involved for every prescription of birth control you receive. The government plays a huge role in the cost of birth control. By using money that is received from things such as taxes, birth control can be provided to young women despite if they are wealthy or especially if they do not have enough money to afford birth control but need it.
Which birth control method is right for you?