Shawnee & Moore Oklahoma Tornado

Objective: Describe, step by step, how a tornado forms

Shawnee, Oklahoma Tornado

A tornado tore through Shawnee, Oklahoma on Sunday; May 17-19, 2013. News sources reported that at least two people had died . The National Weather Service website stated that after over 300 reports of severe weather was reported on Sunday. Another round of dangerous weather is to be expected on Monday with the greatest threat once again in the southern Plains, which is going to mainly target Oklahoma and parts of Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

During Monday, on May 20th, 2013 a tornado struck a school and a neighborhood, which was named "Plaza Towers". Twenty-four people passed away during the natural disaster, including children. Rescuers are still searching for life's under all the collapsed buildings. Properties that were worth millions were destroyed and search crews are hoping to find more survivors.

Defining a Tornado:

A tornado is a mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds , which looks like a funnel-shaped cloud.

How Tornadoes Form:

In the becoming of tornadoes there are three steps.

In Step 1:

You must have warm, humid air and dry cool air. The mix of that will cause a thunderstorm

In Step 2:

The thunderstorm forms; it can get stronger from the clashes of air and feed off the warm air.

In Step 3:

If there are winds blowing South and winds blowing North, that will cause rotation in the storm. If that rotation gets strong enough it could possibly cause a funnel cloud to form; if the cloud touches the ground it's then considered a tornado.

Wind Speeds of Both Tornadoes :

The tornado's wind speed that struck at Shawnee, Oklahoma was weak. The average speed of a weak tornado would possibly be 110 mp/h or less in speed. Also, the tornado that took place in this town only killed two residents.

Now, the tornado's wind speed that struck at Moore, Oklahoma was REALLY strong. The average speed of a strong tornado would be 111-200 mp/h. At this town, the tornado unfortunately killed twenty-four people.

The Fujita Tornado Scale:

The Fujita Scale is a scale that specializes in measuring tornadoes. This system was developed by Dr. Theodore Fujita to classify tornadoes based on wind damage. This scale starts at F0 for weakest tornadoes with winds of 40-73 mph which wouldn't be as destructive and F5 for the strongest tornadoes with winds of 261-318 mph which would be VERY destructive.

The Damage and Deaths :

Around Shawnee, Oklahoma three large tractor-trailer rigs were flipped over, and one that had been blown off a highway overpass. Across central Oklahoma, homes were blown apart and off their foundations with some of the worst damage seen in the Twin Lakes area just outside Wellston. Oklahoma's government, declared a state of emergency in 16 counties.

St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital in Shawnee, Oklahoma treated 11 patients;one victim was in critical condition, the remaining 10 were to be treated for minor injuries and to leave.

In Moore, Oklahoma many homes were completely destroyed, run-down, and severely put down to shreds along with the rest of the community. The biggest ordeal so far happens to be an elementary school, which was full of children, along with their teachers and staff members. Many children happened to die in that school; approximately twenty-one.

Aerial of Oklahoma Four Tornados Distruction, Twisters kills 1 - May 19, 2013
Moore Tornado 2013 - Moore, OK HD Video Compilation

Areas Recently Affected by Tornadoes :

Recently, tornadoes have struck many cities. Some of these cities include some towns in Oklahoma city, Chicago and Kansas City. Also, there was a tornado in Texas two days ago. Unfortunately two people were killed and the same tornado was moving upwards to Minnesota.

States Included in "Tornado Alley":

Tornado Alley is the area in the United States that is affected most oftern by the strongest tornados. The "heart" of tornado alley includes Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas; tornado alley extends from North Dakota south to Texas and east into Ohio. This includes parts of at least 18 states.


Overall, the natural disaster (which was a tornado) in Shawnee and Moore Oklahoma was a great, big destruction to almost all their town's. It wrecked much of their belongings, and community. Unfortunately there was many deaths of children and some people with minor injuries. With the big destruction the tornado made they all have to pitch in and help one another to rebuild and construct all that was wrecked.