Pediatric Surgeon

Dylan Scifo

Job Description


  • Diagnose and operate on surgical issues in children
  • repair birth defects
  • treat trauma in children

I like the idea of helping children and giving them a chance to live a happy life, but I dislike the massive amount of pressure that comes with it.

Personal Characteristics

For this job a person must:

  • Love working with kids
  • Have patience
  • Be a quick thinker
  • Have a passion for doing what they do

The fact that I want to make a difference, work hard to succeed, and make people happy by brightening dark moods makes this a perfect job for me.

Required Education

Best High School Courses:

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy

After High School Plan:

  • Get Undergraduate Degree in something like biology or pre-med (4 years)
  • Attend Medical School (4 years)
  • Residency in General Surgery (5 years)
  • Pediatric Residency (2 years)
  • Get Licensed
Top Medical Schools:
  1. Harvard University
  2. Standford University
  3. John Hopkins University

Work Setting

Hours are usually 50-60 per week, including on-call time

Most work will take place in hospitals and their operating rooms

With all the pressure, being a surgeon is highly stressful

Dislike About Setting: The urgency

Like About Setting: The busyness and everyone working as a team

Wages and Benefits

Range of Wages: $329,913 - $511,516 annually

This a completely livable wage, with plenty to provide a great life for my family

Other Benefits:

  • Social Security
  • Disability
  • Healthcare
  • 401k
  • Time Off

Similar Careers

  • Pediatrician
  • Physician
  • Registered Nurse
My background would allow multiple routes because of the many years of schooling, with only a few minor changes depending on the job

Personal Assessment

Important Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Long hours
  • Highly stressful
  • Little to no room for error
Great Fit For Me

  • Allows me to make a difference
  • Keeps me busy
  • Pushes me to constantly get better
  • Allows me to work with others and trade ideas
Fitting My Personality

I am passionate and I want to make a difference by saving lives, I've always found the structure and function of the body very interesting, and I like to be kept on my toes, especially when I get to keep learning everyday

Final Thoughts


  • Fantastic Salary
  • Great Benefits
  • Get to Save Lives
  • Constant Learning Experience

  • Long Hours
  • Stressful
  • Having to Occasionally Give Bad News
  • 15+ Years of Schooling After High School


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