Kindergarten Math in Action

Creating a developmentally appropriate classroom!

Join us! Dr. Nicki Newton will lead you in preparing for next year!


  • Discover how to effectively plan for and implement kindergarten math in a workshop model
  • · Explore tools, tasks, time schedules, and transitions
  • · Learn innovative, differentiated, hands-on games and activities to use in your lessons and math workstations
  • · Understand how to integrate problem solving into your current curriculum
  • · Make toolkits to teach concepts & skills
  • · Make a plan to effectively organize materials within your classroom space
  • · Develop routines and procedures for building fluency across the year
  • · Integrate 21st century technologies throughout your lessons
  • · Use balanced assessments

Kindergarten Math in Action

Monday, May 2nd, 8:30am-3pm

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Columbia-Airport 110 McSwain Drive West Columbia, SC 29169 direct line 803-391-4023

You will be able to go back and start implementing these ideas tomorrow as well as start preparing for next year!

  • Access to printable:
  • Math Game boards
  • Math Storytelling Mats
  • Math Template Pack
  • A Quick Guide to Kindergarten 21st Web Resources
  • The K Flashcard Pack
  • RSVPs are enabled for this event.


    1. Introduction to Kindergarten Math
    2. Basic Framework
    3. Developing a Community of Mathematicians
    4. A focus on Counting
    5. A look at Subitizing
    6. Developing Basic Fact Power
    7. Reasoning about Word Problems
    8. Counting on Place Value
    9. Modeling Measurement
    10. Data
    11. Balanced Assessment
    12. Action Planning

    Focusing on Kinder

    I am really excited about the new Kindergarten workshops! They allow me to have deep conversations about grade level specific routines, strategies, workstations, activities, books and assessments. We will have content centered discussions and work through a series of activities specifically aligned to the South Carolina Math standards that show you how to build understanding from the concrete level, through the pictorial and then the abstract. You will be continually engaged and leave excited and empowered. The workshop is fast-paced, fun and full of ideas! I hope you will join us for what promises to be an absolutely amazing experience!


    Dr. Nicki

    Hands-on Activities throughout the Day!

    We will learn about and work with both concrete and virtual tools and manipulatives throughout the workshop.

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    Upcoming Conferences!

    Guided Math Train the Trainer – July 14th and 15th

    Math Fact Fluency Boot Camp – Fall 2016

    Kindergarten is the most important grade.

    Research shows that if we can catch them in kindergarten, we can prevent math difficulties in later grades. One of the biggest recommendations for student achievement is to start interventions when they are young!