Of Mice and Men

George Milton


"I wish I could put you in a cage with about a million mice an' let you have fun." George just wanted Lennie to leave him alone


He is devoted and caring for Lennie

Motivated to try and get there dreams and hopes happen for Lennie


Short tempered



In the beginning of the story he believes that they will later leave their job, get a ranch, with rabbits and live peacefully.

At the end of the story George kills his best friend and soon no longer believes in the possibility of their dreams.


I think one of the themes was friendship....I say this because George and Lennie had a really strong friendship. George loved and cared for Lennie and Lennie did the same thing. George lied and protected Lennie and never physically hurt him until the end. This story showed a very strong and inspiring theme because of how the friendship was handled.

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