all about me <3

Megan Spear

things i love in life

i love my music



just life its self i love

things i dont like

i dont like lies

i dont like rude people

i dont like judgmental people

i dont like immature people

just me

what i am about

I'm about my family and friends.

I'm about spending time with the people who mean the most

I'm about staying out of trouble

I'm about keeping a smile on my face

I'm about not having to do much

just things i really like to do or wanna do

i like to play football with the guys

i like to go out with all my friends

i love spending time with kids that i babysit

things i wanna do

i wanna go out on the river

i wanna go and play with the wildcats :) because thats my team

i wanna met kevin gates