The Hunger Games



Following her rescue from the devastating Quarter Quell, Katniss awakes in the complex beneath the supposedly destroyed district 13, and her home, district 12 has been reduced to rubble. When she awakes in district 13, she demands to see what used to be her home, but when she gets there, there is nothing left to see. After the Quarter Quell, there was a lot of rebellion going on in the districts, and they needed a leader. So, Katniss became the mockingjay and led the the rebellion. Although there were a lot of districts involved in the rebellion, there were also some who were not. So, in order to rally all of the districts, district 13 created propos. Their first stop to film the propos, was district 8. There, many people were in the hospital and really needed help. Katniss helped to give them hope about their future, and the future of Panem. Sadly, right before they were about to head back to district 13, hovercrafts showed up and bombs began to fill the sky. Quickly, all of the rebels rushed to the hospital and fought off all of the hovercrafts, but all of the injured people in the hospital died. Later, when Katniss and her crew were back in 13, the capitol released a video. In the video, Peeta warned district 13 about bombing there. As a result, all of the people in the district had time to safely evacuate, and avoid and injury. Since Peeta saved many lives district 13 decided to break him out of the capitol. Sadly, when they got him back, they were unpleasantly surprised by the way he acted. The capitol had brain washed Peeta, and changed his view on everything, especially Katniss.

By now, all of the districts are united, except for district 2. In an attempt to convince them to join the rebels, district 13 sent people there. Unfortunately, this resulted in Katniss getting shot, and a ruptured spleen. Afterwards, however, all of the districts were united and ready to fight. So, in district 13 they are training soldiers to fight against the capitol. Along with Peeta, the rebels also rescued Johanna Mason from the capitol, who now shares a hospital room with Katniss. They are both really determined to fight against the capitol, but coin, the president of district 13, did not want them to because of their injuries. Even so, this did not stop them. After a lot of hard work, Katniss and Johanna were accepted as part of the rebellion against the capitol. Although Katniss was against it, Peeta was also accepted as a soldier in the attack. The attack lasted for many days, as rebels tried to work their way into the capitol. After a while, the rebels entered some tunnels underground, when they were surprised to find mutts waiting for them. Most of the rebels survived, but while trying to get away, Finnick was killed by the mutts. After escaping the tunnels, the rebels entered the capitol and tried to blend in as normal citizens. While doing so, the rebels began to fire at the capitol causing a lot of commotion, and causing many citizens to look for a new place to stay. Knowing this, the president, opened his house for people. As many people crowded around, guards gathered all of the children to use as protection for the president. And as this was happening, the rebels dropped parachutes which exploded and killed all of the innocent kids, including Katniss's sister Prim.

Finally, the rebels win the war and Katniss, Haymitch, and Peeta return to district 12. Upon arrival, Peeta regains his mind, and he and Katniss join together in marriage and have a family. Nearly every act in the story is in some way an act of courage. It takes courage to die for a cause. But it also takes courage to live for one, and to accept that other people are dying to help you achieve that. That's the burden Katniss faced on a daily basis. The Katniss-Peeta-Gale love story reaches its resolution at the end. Feelings grow and change and circumstances get in the way. In the end, love seems to be a based on trust, sacrifice, and friendship.