Pliny the Elder

The Roman Scientist

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Pliny the elder was ancient roman historian and military officer. He served during his career in a variety of important governmental post. He wrote the first encyclopedia. Pliny spent most of his spare time personally looking at the natural phenomena recorded in his encyclopedia. He visited many places like the bay of Nepal. ( Pliny the elder.roman literature a verity of important governmental post. for kids copyright 1998- 2013. Nov 4 ,2013.)


Pliny the Elder was born in 23 A.D. He wrote his first encyclopedia in 77 A.D. When he was 21 years old Pliny left Italy and went to Gallia Begica. In age 52 he was comeing back to Italy. In these years Pliny wrote the life of pomponius. The bad news is he died in 79 A.D. The crazy news is he got to close to an erupting volcano. For more information(


He was born and brought up in Como, Italy. One of the places he worked was Pompeii. He was even writing his observations on Mount Veveous. Pliny the Elder studied in Rome. He was a night worker too! He even went to Vespasian to work! He died in Pompeii.

Why dose it matter?

The encyclopedia matters it tells us definitions of things.The encyclopedia helps us because if we don't know the meaning of something we could just search it up. The encyclopedia helped the Greeks and Romans get new ideas and hypothesis.

How dose it affect the world?

It affects the world by giving the meanings to things. It spreads knowledge to the world. This has an affect because you could have more information on things that you don't know so clearly.