November 2020 – Volume XXVIIII – Issue 13


Meeting Location: West Freeway Church of Christ

1900 S. Las Vegas Trail Fort Worth, TX 76108

President: Sarah Tutt 817-312-2960

President-Elect:Molly Risewick 817-721-0500


Next meeting –November 17, 6:30 PM

Business Meeting – Logon and chat 6:30-7:00

Meeting starts 7:00

Program –Zoom Meeting

Workshop –Barn Quilts Program thru Zoom

West Freeway Church of Christ 1900 S. Las Vegas Trail Fort Worth, TX 76108

We are still meeting virtually, via Zoom

Zoom link will be sent out a day or two before the meeting

A Letter from the President

Notes from the President

November 3, 2020

I’m writing this late afternoon on election day. It’s a between time. I voted, but it is not yet time to learn the results. So for now, I am putting a quilt top together. I am so glad to have a meaningful activity to fill my time today. This one will probably be for my granddaughter (who turns 15 Saturday), So far, she approves, but it is hard for me to accurately read her thoughts.

What do you have to occupy your time when you are busy waiting?

This is still an uncertain time. We wish the virus would go away but wishing alone will not make it happen. We want to be together but are concerned about getting ill or passing illness to loved ones. Meanwhile, we meet on zoom and try to remember to call each other. Zoom is not the same as in person, but it does give us an opportunity to see each other’s faces and hear each other’s voices. Give zoom a try if you haven’t and feel free to call me or other friends who have zoomed if you need help getting on.

We also have a Facebook group, and I am trying to learn how to make it work for us.

This month’s speaker should be interesting, and I have heard that a Christmas party is in the works. There should be more about that elsewhere in the newsletter.

It is time for us to renew our membership to the guild. The membership form and link to payment information will either be in this newsletter or will be sent out by week’s end.

If you have suggestions on what we can do to make thigs work more smoothly during these uncertain times, please reach out to me or to other officers. We want to help you stay engaged with quilting and with your fellow quilters.

Pay attention! Care for yourself, your family, your friends, and your neighbors. We will s

titch this time together.

Sarah Tutt

Board Members for 2020-2021 Installation

Board Members for 2020-2021 All voted and approved

President Sarah Tutt

President-Elect Molly Risewick

VP - Program Dorene Beck

VP - Program Thayne Rooney

Treasurer Shelley Clauss

Secretary Cecilia Buckholz

Member at Large Judy Faulkner

Member at Large Kris Morris

President /Parliamentarian Karen Rhyneer

Committee Chairs

There are still some Chairs needing to be filled.

Meeting Minutes for October

President, Sarah Tutt called the Zoom meeting to order at 7:00 pm. The business part of the meeting followed the program with Claudia Lash.

Treasurer’s Report by Shelley Clauss, sent to the membership via email, was approved by the membership.

Old Business

  • Grace Stroud has tickets for the Raffle Quilt which will be drawn at the November meeting. Tickets and money may be mailed to Grace or brought to her home.

New Business

  • Gillian Coleman gave the Audit report. The books were found to be in order.

  • Shelley Clauss presented the Budget as prepared by the budget committee. A copy was emailed to all members. Approved by the membership.

  • Gillian Coleman announced receipt of a check for the Guild from TAQG for over $450.00. Since TAQG disbanded, each member Guild received a refund.


There are 24 members present on the Zoom meeting tonight.

Sarah Tutt encouraged everyone to send in their dues. A membership email was sent out on October 17th with a membership form to fill out and options to pay by mail or PayPal.

Either mail to Judi Janes or use the Pay Pal link that can be sent to you by sending request to

Quilt Retreat

Karen Rhyneer will contact the Compass Center to verify if they expect to be at full capacity for our retreat in April.

Show and Tell

The members discussed the best way to have Show and Tell on our Zoom meetings. It was decided that members will post pictures of their quilts or projects on the Fort Worth Quilt Guild Members Group Face Book page. Members will need to join the Face Book group to be able to post photos. Molly Risewick will share the Guild’s Face Book screen and each member will be able to talk about their quilts that are shown.


Wanda asked for more participation in the newsletter.


Join us at our regular guild meeting on November 17th for a wonderful program on Barn Quilts by Suzi Parron. Suzi is the author of “Following the Barn Quilt Trail”.

Then on Saturday afternoon, join us for a fun Barn Quilt Painting workshop with Suzi via Zoom! Get together with a close friend or zoom from your home and join us for the fun!
The workshop fee is $25.00 for members and $50.00 for non-members.

(Workshop fee is non-refundable since supplies are being provided.)

Contact Dorene Beck to register for the workshop.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35pm

Submitted by Cecilia Buckholz, Secretary

Program Report November

Just a little something special. Check out the link and see a Virtual Happening.

You may need to copy the URL and bring it over to access the vendors and such.

Join us at our regular guild meeting on November 17th for a wonderful program on Barn Quilts by Suzi Parron.

Suzi's talk will take you on a journey along the quilt trail, beginning with the very first barn quilt, which stemmed from Donna Sue Groves and her wish to honor her mother's quilting art. The presentation features over one hundred stunning photographs of barn quilts, some of which rival cloth quilts in their intricacy. You will hear stories of some of the individuals who have painted quilt blocks to honor loved ones or their local culture, along with a few humorous anecdotes.

December will bring with it a really nice Virtual Christmas party! We are planning on some online games, and you will receive a surprise by mail if you register and let us know you will be coming to the Christmas Party! We have more directions to come, so don't miss out on this fun event! Pass the word on to your quilting sisters! Let's make this the best virtual party ever!

Coming up in 2021:
Virtual Jelly Roll Quilt Race - Prizes will be given!

Challenge Quilt - More Prizes!

& a Virtual Dresden Blooms Quilt Workshop

Plus More! Speakers & Fun Demos & WORKSHOPS!

We are working hard to keep our Guild members engaged and learning!
Don't miss any of these great events!

Dorene Beck & Thayne Rooney
VP Programs 20-21


Hard to believe that it is already November. Christmas catalogs are arriving in the mail. Black Friday ads seem to appear each week! My To-Do list is growing. It is time to finish (or start) those quilty Christmas gifts. One easy thing to check off your to-do list is registering and paying your quilt guild dues. Though we are not meeting in person, we still have some outstanding programs being presented via ZOOM, as well as workshops. Presenters still charge a fee. They too are working from home! Our dues, along with fundraisers, help cover the cost of programs. Many of you have already completed the online registration form. Many have either paid me cash in person, mailed a check, or opted for Paypal. The problem right now is that many who have paid me have not completed the online registration. If you have not already done so, please do. An accurate roster will be generated from the information submitted by each member.

Judi Janes Membership Co-Chair


November a lot is happening this month. We set our clocks back so we have an extra hour of 2020, election on the 3rd, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, as well as trying to survive the pandemic.

November Birthdays
11-03. Rose Hilderbrand
11-07 Barbara Dumas
11-08 Daveenya Stone
11-13. CJ Jordan
11-19 Sherry Killebrew
11-26. Diane Hearon
Karen Holder, Marilyn Smith
Hospitality Committee


The board meetings are on the 1st Tuesday of the month starting at 6:30 pm. Currently they are Zoom meetings until further notice. If you have something that needs to be brought to the board’s attention, please contact a board member. Board meetings are open to all, but only board members may vote.


Secret Quilt Buddies has been put on top for now


The “Rona” has really played havoc with our raffle quilt plans. We will still be giving our beautiful quilt to a lucky winner at our November meeting. If you have tickets at home, please mail the stubs to me along with a check made out to FWQG. Or you may drop by my house and leave them with me. Our house is located just off South Hulen St about a mile south of Granbury Road. Since March we have been home almost all the time, but if you’re dropping by, call me or text me so I’ll be expecting you. If you would like to buy more tickets, please contact me and I’ll send them out to you. All my contact information is below.

Someone is going to win a very beautiful quilt!

Grace Stroud
6304 Walburn Court
Fort Worth 76133

Phone or text: 817-578-5952

If you call me, please leave a message. My cell phone is set to ignore unknown callers. I got tired of calls about my car warranty and my timeshare etc. But I’ll always respond to my quilt sisters (if they leave a message).


Quilt Retreat will be held at The Compass Center, April 22-25th. There are still about fifteen openings. The cost is $295 for 3 nights or $196 for 2 nights. Grace Stroud will be teaching a couple of projects.




We are beginning to meet again – with care

This month we met the 2nd Tuesday under Jonquelle Jones’ carport with 4 members present. The day was lovely and the temps were perfect.

Sara Tutt showed a sweet log cabin lap quilt – set on point where the two brightly colored strips make a heart.

Jonquelle showed 5 projects. An intricate picture of a hedgehog at evening with beads, buttons and beautiful quilting,

an orange & green quilt featuring blocks of woodland animals from a panel and many piece setting blocks,

A brightly colored lap quilt featuring bugs,

Cecilia Buckholz’ beautiful quilting on a queen-size quilt featuring horses and a variety of other blocks,

a beautiful blue/black quilt with a peacock center and Japanese lanterns in one of the borders.

Laurel was able to join us even tho’ she is not allowed to put weight on her ankle yet.

We all brought lunch and had a nice chat while Sara finished sewing on the sleeve

Ann Houpt, Scribe



Our October bee meeting was hosted by Pat Ford. We were all masked up and after our normal gabfest we started our meeting with show and tell. Grace Stroud presented her NICU quilt first. Then Peggie Herring showed a Whack-N-Stack quilt. I am always surprised by the variety of designs you get with this technique. Judi Janes had a fun spider web quit to show and a black and red t-shirt quilt. Gillian Coleman’s panel quilt consisted of wonderful bright colored animals. Gillian also had a purple and green quilt to show. Pat Ford treated each of us to a Covid-19 Halloween pumpkin. She demonstrated how to make them. Basically, you wrap a roll of toilet paper in a fat quarter and use a stick for the stem. Cheri Bigham had a creative quilt made of old ties. It was gorgeous. Chris Tomich had a slew of books, patterns, and magazines to give away. They went fast to new homes. Pat Wagers had lots of Christmas items to share with us. Then she showed us a Halloween pillow for her daughter that was unbelievable. It had wonderful spooky scenes and lights too. I want that pillow bad. We ended our meeting with Cheri Bigham winning the Halloween fat quarters in a game of LRC and eating Halloween goodies. It was like going to a kid’s party—loved it.

P. Ford


Bev Ramsey was a charter member of the guild, a past president, teacher, and friend. We lost her way too early. The fund was set up to help those in need to be able to enjoy the things she loved very much, retreats and workshops. We should be able to send 2 people to retreat this year. Application forms will be available at the November and December meetings or by sending an email request to Karen Holder. Applications should be in no later than the end of January. The applications may be given to a member of the board or to Grace Stroud.


Information from JPS for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Quilts

We received a letter recently introducing us to Mitzi Vanderark, the new coordinator of volunteers at JPS. They love the quilts we send them. They included some criteria for us to follow.

For the baby blankets:

Receiving – 36” x 36”

Preemie – 18” x 18” (NO flannel)

Baby – 36” x 36”, or 36”-38” by 40”-42”

No larger than 38” x 42” but preferred size is 36” x 36”

Fleece and flannel are NOT accepted in the ICU, 100% cotton only for front and back.

All quilts should be washed after piecing and before donation to JPS.

NICU Quilts

I'm again collecting NICU quilts for JPS. They should be about 36x36 of cotton, no flannel or fleece. I don't have a definite date to bring them there - probably aiming for early December. I live by TCU if you would like to drop them off, or I can try and pick them up. (My time is limited at the moment because my father is in the hospital and my mother in memory care wondering why he's left her. He is expected to recover and return by late November.) I know JPS is thrilled with our donations. Thanks. Julie Hedden 817 797 6109


A big thanks to all who donate fabric and time for the lovies. These are greatly needed and appreciated by the NICU at Harris downtown and the parents of the premies.

It helps to give the scent of the mothers to the babies and the scent of the babies to the mothers. We still need some cotton fabrics that read solid in red, green, blue and yellow.

Thank you,

Beverly Peterson


Sunshine and Shadows

Sunshine and Shadows October Report

Betty Shaffer

Betty Shaffer passed away at midnight this morning. Betty had heart and kidney issues, but also contracted Covid. Her daughter, Dehna, was allowed to be with her for a couple of hours.

A memorial service will be held sometime after Dehna is out of quarantine. We will keep you posted for date and time.

Betty loved the Fort Worth Quilt Guild and she and her positive attitude and smiling face will be missed.

Please keep the Shaffer family in your thoughts and prayers.

Dehna can be contacted:

Dehna Shaffer

Shaffer Veterinary Services

113 S. Crowley Rd.

Crowley, TX 76036

Chris Tomich

Chris Tomich has added another member to her family!

Grandson Luke Theron Tomich was born on October 22nd.

Congratulations to the Tomich family.

Please send information about any Sunshine and Shadows to me at

Also, text me at 817-269-5158 to let me know there is an email.

2020-2021 Board and Committees

The committee list is not finalized and we would welcome additional volunteers

2020-2021 Board and Committees


President Sarah Tutt 817 312 2960

President-Elect Molly Risewick 817-721-0500

VP - Program Dorene Beck 817-995-5740

VP - Program Thayne Rooney 817-223-3982 Rooney.

Treasurer Shelley Clauss 817-994-0195

Secretary Cecilia Buckholz 817-480-7606

Member at Large Judy Faulkner 817-729-4193

Member at Large Kris Morris

Past President /Parliamentarian Karen Rhyneer 817-597-0484


Communications Wanda Edmunds 682-560-9101

Communications Gillian Coleman 817-269-5158

Door Prizes Anna Addington 817-564-5431

Greeter Nancy Smith 817-996-6819

Hospitality Marilyn Smith 817-917-9294

NICU Karen Holder 817-773-4391

HUGS Karen Holder 817-773-4391

Lovies Beverly Peterson 817-346-0321

Membership Judi Janes 817-292-3948

Membership Carolyn Hughes 817-737-0997

President's Quilt

Quilt Buddies Lori Darley 858-883-5674

Quilt Show

Quilt Show Linda Witt 817-581-4912

Raffle Quilt Chris Tomich 817-249-3079

Raffle Quilt Tickets Grace Stroud 817-578-5952

Raffle Quilt Tickets Pat Wagers 817-821-1137

Retreats Mary Lou Nelson 214-394-7715

Show N Tell Linda Witt 817-581-4912

Sunshine and Shadows Gillian Coleman 817-269-5158

Web Master Julie Fowler 214-926-2504

Smore Administrator Shelley Clauss 817-994-0195

Newsletter Ads

Anyone interested in a Babylock Alliance Single Needle...The largest hoop size is 8x8. .I have one with all the hoops I am selling for $3500. You can contact me at 682 560 9101 or . Wanda Edmunds

I also have a gently used PE770 5x7 Embroidery Machine with a 5x7 and 4x4 hoop included. You can contact me at or call at 682 560 9101. Wanda Edmunds

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in placing an advertisement in our newsletter you can contact us by email:

Rates for Ads are $5.00 for Members and $10.00 Non-members. to be paid thru PayPal

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