Hamrick's Friday Focus


Track Meet

I wanted to give a huge Thank You to Coach Luksza for his really hard work with the track team. I think it really says a lot about the job that he does that those kids show up to the track meet expecting to win. We often had 3rd graders running against 6th graders yet I did not see any of them with negative attitudes or giving anything but their best.

The kids were incredibly well behaved and represented Hamrick very well. I cannot wait till next year when we are all k-5. Great Job Coach and thank you to all the teachers who came to support/help.

Video of the Week

This may be the most amazing thing I have seen in awhile. Obviously not educational but well worth the watch.
Taylor Swift - Trouble - I knew you were a goat (FULL VERSION WITH EXTRA GOATS)

Resource of the Week

This is the site Nikki shared on the Hamrick facebook account. She said it was really good stuff.

Article of the Week

I am just going to leave this here.