Catawba River Basin

Chloe and Justin

Where is the river basin located in North Carolina?

It is located in the Appalachian Mountains running through the Grandfather Mountains going into South Carolina.

How many miles of streams and rivers are located in the basin?

The basin is 3,004 miles of river. This basin includes the Scenic River, Johns River, Dutchman's Creek, South Fork, Catawba River and Sugar Creek.


How many people live the basin?

About 2 million people. To be exact there is a population of 1,170,512.

5 important places near the Catawba River Basin

Here is 5 places near the Catawba river. There is Charlotte, Catawba college, Rock Hill, Asheville, and great falls. There are 11 countries within the basin.

2 specific Non Point source Pollutions in the River Basin

Poor construction particle allow the product in the water to destroy important habitats and carry other pollutants into the water. Storm water is not helping from the growing number of roofs, parking lots, roads and other areas causes further erosion and sedimentation, as well as carrying multiple pollutants into the water.

2 point source Pollutions in the River Basin

Traditional industrial "point sources" of pollution are less of a problem today than in the past from strong regulation, improved industry practices and the decline of manufacturing in the basin. Downstream areas in the basin are increasing amounts of pollution from runoffs and waste water.

1 Solution of Non point source Pollution

We could help the Pollutions by taking out the bad particle to save the habitats of the species, to help the fish we can decrease the dept of the water and fix water warming problems within the river.

1 Solution of Point Source Pollution

It could help if we would make more industrial point sources from the regulations to save the Catawba River, it can help the endangered animals in the river we need to remove the waste from the river.