Beverly Hills Bulldog Bulletin

Weekly Updates and Happenings at BHES (Vol 1, Issue 12)

Beverly Hills Mission Statement: “Empowering every learner, inspiring successful futures, building a positive community.”

Week #5, staying alive!!!

We are getting in our routines and loving it.

Guess What?

You can now SCAN on our copiers!!!!!!!!

If you need to scan a document to your email, you now have that capability. Thanks to Julie Johnson for making this a reality. Please see Julie, Anita, or Kathy for instructions. It's super easy and can save you a lot of time. Stay tuned for more updates to our technology infrastructure.

Display Needed

Per the NC Fire Code section 404, please ensure all rooms contain evacuation plans and emergency procedure flip charts. If you do not have these two items in your classroom, please inform Mr. Baaden and he will get them for you. This should be done by ASAP.
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Cabarrus County Education Foundation Grants (Due October 13, 2015)

Apply today. The grant maximum award is between $250-$500. Don't miss this great opportunity. If you win, you will receive your grant award at the Cabarrus County Board Meeting. What a great honor!

ALL PDP's are DONE. Thanks all for completing this on time at 100%. Great job!

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Make plans to attend the UNC Charlotte's 40th Annual International Festival

When: Saturday, 10/17/15 from 10am-6pm

Fireworks: 6pm-8pm


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Announcements & Key Dates:

Monday, 9/28: Junior Charity League Coat Drive

Tuesday, 9/29: NO TUESDAY MEETINGS, Vision screenings

Wednesday,9/30: PAYDAY

Monday, 10/5: Standards Based Grading Parent Night (Primarily 3rd and 4th grade)

*Our Social Worker, Aronda Dunlap-Elder, will be doing Child Abuse training. We will also have two staff meetings in October. The first on 10/13 will be a regular meeting and the second on 10/27 will be the second part of Aronda's training on Children and Trauma. Please see your master staff schedule provided in your beginning of the year notebooks for additional details. Mrs. Steele will be off campus from 8:15am-12:30pm for the K-12 principal's meeting at the Ed Center.

*Observations will occur starting this week. Please ensure your pre-conference questions are completed prior to your observation so you and your administrator can review them together.

Mrs. Aimy Steele, Principal

Hi, I'm Aimy Steele, the principal of Beverly Hills Elementary School. I'm so excited to be a part of the BHES family and look forward to an excellent year.

Mr. Michael Baaden, Assistant Principal of Instruction

Mr. Baaden is the Assistant Principal of Instruction at BHES. He began here at BHES last year as the 5th grade Science teacher. He has made quite an impression on the BHES community and we are delighted he is now on the Admin team. He has over 6 years experience as an Assistant Principal in New York and brings a wide variety of experiences to this role.

Beverly Hills Elementary School

This site will host the up to date happenings at BHES for the 2015-16 school year. Check back for regular updates.