Things to Think About

Some action pieces that we as USGA could capitalize on

Safe Space Training & USGA

Making Safe Space training a mandatory requirement for all USGA members in order to make our office a space for students to express their concerns.

Types of Safe Space training:

  1. Share the Dream - Undocumented Students

The How:

  1. Attend the set sessions for training set by the SDMA department
  2. Talk with Sadika to set up specialized sessions to accommodate to our schedules

Questions to Ask:

  1. Should we do this?
  2. What does it mean to require someone to take safe space training?

Research Papers & USGA

Many classes require students to write research papers on current events and issues. What if USGA worked with professors & departments to suggest including a local component in the papers classes require. For example, if a paper is assigned to talk about a global issue such as drug use, including a part of the paper that talks about drug use on Loyola's campus/the chicago area.

The reason:

Better helping us look at research for us to take action on

Questions to Ask:

Can we do this?

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