OCS Summer Scholars Weekly Update

Gravelly Hill Middle School

Summer Scholars Session 1 - Week 3

Summer Scholars Students & Families -

What a great 1st session to our Summer Academy! A HUGE thank you goes out to our students, families, and especially, our teachers for making the OCS Summer Scholars Academy at Gravelly Hill Middle School such a wonderful experience. We are looking forward to coming back on July 12 to start Session 2!

Another newsletter with information about Session 2 will be sent next Friday, July 9th. Have a safe holiday weekend!


Crystal B. Medlin

GHMS Summer Scholars Program Coordinator

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June 28 - July 1

  • Math - Students completed Session 1 reflections...see some of their quotes below!
  • Notes 4 Notes - producers have led small student groups over the last 3 weeks, and they have created some amazing performance pieces. Musical compositions, podcasts, storytelling, and sound mixing were just some of the skills learned by our students in the Notes 4 Notes program. Returning students will continue in the course and begin a new project alongside of new session 2 students, teachers, and producers! They'll be our experts and we look forward to their leadership in the Notes 4 Notes classrooms.
  • Nuvu - students finalized their temporary installations on Thursday. Students have been working hard to complete the final product and they look great! See a few pictures below of some of the installations placed around the school. In session 2, students will be presented with a whole new 3-week project and can help our new students for Summer Scholars Session 2.
  • DreamGirls/STEM HD - students continued coding! They started week 1 with basic coding and by week 3 they were using Python programming to complete a variety of tasks using their STEM kits. Students have really enjoyed the program and look forward to continuing Session 2 with all new challenges!
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Session 1 Student Reflections...

What did I accomplish this week?

  • Finished making a song in Notes 4 Notes!
  • I read A LOT!
  • I accomplished a lot in my session when I come to Khan Academy and ST Math. I've accomplished a lot of math
  • Pretty much EVERYTHING!
  • Kept my brain stimulated
  • Making friends and practicing more physical activity
  • A LOT! Making friends, having fun with the teachers, learning a lot about adding and subtracting fractions
  • I made new friends!

What do I know better at the end of this week than at the beginning?

  • How to make music!
  • Mood words
  • I think I've gotten a lot better at analyzing questions...so I'm happy for that
  • A better understanding of Algebra
  • I know how to navigate through the school
  • Math, ELA, and reading
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Just try a bit more work and study more

What did I struggle with this week?

  • Spelling
  • Understanding combining like terms
  • Some of the Algebra
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Math
  • Dividing fractions
  • Paying attention

What did I like best about this class this week?

  • GimKit...and DONUTS!
  • Games in class
  • I liked by teacher! She is GREAT!
  • It was decent - actually a bit better than I expected...
  • I liked lunch and ELA
  • I liked that summer school was my place to vent, away from home. I'll be upset when I leave but I remember all the people I met because I know I won't see them again in a long time.
  • I liked all my homeroom classmates
  • The conversation I had with my mom this morning and the organization and rules of the school in general.
  • Making friends and playing "Take the Bacon" game
  • Playing "Trust No One"
  • Making new friends

If you have any questions, call us!

Crystal B. Medlin

Site-based Administrator for Summer Scholars GHMS

919-245-4050 ext. 32888