Incoming Cryar Cats

We are SO excited to have you as a Cryar Cat

Welcome Cryar Cats

Cryar Family,

It’s my pleasure to welcome everyone to Cryar Intermediate. We are ALL excited to meet your students and get back in our school filling them with energy and enthusiasm. In 5th grade, our students are grouped by learning community and travel with their homeroom to their switch teacher. At Cryar, we have great teachers who spend hours planning and creating classroom activities that engage our students in learning. We are eager to partner with you to make this year the best one yet! Please know we will be in constant communication through email, newsletters, and our website. Additionally, we have a Twitter account (@CryarCats), Facebook page, and an Instagram (@cryarcats) to keep you updated and share the great things going on at Cryar. It’s a great honor to serve this community, and I can’t wait to meet everyone.

Go Cats!

Dr. Medford


Hello Cryar Cats!!

I am so excited and pleased that you will be attending Cryar next year! You will have the opportunity to participate in various activities, clubs, and celebrations that we prepare throughout the school year. Cryar is an amazing place where you will create long-lasting memories with friends and teachers. We are here to provide support in any way that we can, so please reach out to your teachers, counselors, and administrators for any questions or concerns you may have.


Assistant Principal


We are so excited to pick up the baton from your elementary school and help you excel in your academic career. There is so much in store for you since you are officially a Cryar Cat. Welcome to the first of many of the best days you will have in your life because of Cryar Intermediate. We are here to serve you and help you become the student and person you are destined to be. So buckle your seatbelt, you are in for the greatest ride of your life.

Dr. Todd

Assistant Principal

Information about Fine Arts

In intermediate, you get to choose your elective. You can be in either art, band, orchestra, or choir. Watch the video introduction from our Physical Education and Fine Arts teacher to help you make your decision. Click the picture below to watch a video preview on P.E. and Fine Arts.