Getting to Know Shakespere

By: Chandler W. Taylor P.

Shakesperes Life

Born on April 26, 1564

Died on his 52nd birthday of 1616

Famous for the poems and plays he wrote.

Married Anne Hathaway when he was 18, she was 26.

Had 3 children

Was the co-owner of the Globe Theatre

The PLays of Shakespere

1. Romeo and Juliet(one of his most popular)

2. A Midsummer Nights Dream(Most popular comedy)

3. Hamlet

4.Alls Well That Ends Well

5. MacBeth

More About Shakespere

Intresting Facts

1. Shakespeare's death is a mystery. No one knows what exactly cause is death but is predicted he was sick a month before he died, and others think it was a kidney disease. And the words "cursed be he that moves my bones." He put a curse on anyone who dared to move his body, from his final resting place.

2. Shakespeare did not only write plays but he acted in his own, and others as well. In Shakespeare's plays boys and men played all roles.

3. Shakespeare had a vocabulary of over 29,000 when the average American's vocabulary is 10,000 words. The words "assassination", "bedroom", "bump" and "puke" were all invented by Shakespeare.