By: Tomia Bordeaux

Is Coal renewable?

Coal is a non-renewable resource because it can't be replenished on a human time frame. Coal is a fossil fuel from organic materials that have been through heat and pressure over the years.

Where is Coal found on Earth? How does it work to produce energy?

Coal is found recoverable reserves in 70 countries. The biggest ones are: USA, Russia, China, and India. Coal in the ground is classified as proved recoverable reserves.

Link :,d.eWU.

Coal is made into electricity with a turbine generator. First coal is crushed then burnt. The heat from the coal dust, turns water into steam and connects to the generator which converts the turbine's rotation into energy. The water is then cooled so it can be reused, then into coal.

Coal Production

The use of Coal

What is the important use of Coal? Is Coal expensive?

The most important use of coal is in electricity generation, steel production, and cement manufacturing as a liquid fuel. Different types of coal are: Stem Coal-( thermal coal) used in power generationCoking Coal-(metallurgical coal) used in steel production.Coal is also an essential ingredient in the production of products: Activated Carbon, Carbon Fire, Silicon Metal.Coal is not the cheapest resource of electricity generation, it is also becoming more expensive. The costs of coal are paid by the society, this includes the impact on public health and our property from increased air pollution.
How do you make electricity from coal -