HGHS Instructional Update

January 19, 2016

Remember to do you Community Learning "Homework"

Remember to begin preparation for next week's Community Learning.

Choose a specific class and period and keep a list of EVERY task the students are assigned to perform all week (Tuesday-Friday).

For example, today's list might look like this:

1. Write answers to 2 review questions in composition notebooks

2. Contribute orally to a discussion of the 2 questions

3. List to lecture and complete graphic organizer with information from lecture

4. Read pp. 16-20 in the textbook. Answer questions #1-5 on p. 21 and turn in.

Department Meetings after school on Wednesday, January 20.

Watch for an update from your department head concerning the work for department meetings.

Lunch & Learn This Week

Lunch & Learn will be Thursday, January 21, in C206. We'll be doing some follow-up work and planning based on our "Grow" lists from last week's Community Learning.