Lizzy's Adventurous travel guide

By Lizzy Rode

Our Adventure

We will be going to three of the most unigue and unforgettable places that you and your kids will truly injoy on your vacation.You'll start your day at the uncrowded and relaxing beach, then go to a fun and unique bookstore, and end your relaxing day with a tasty malt. Not all vacations have to be at crowded waterparks, you can have the most fun doing fun and educational vacation that even your kids will never forget.

Lake Harriet

At Lake Harriet you and your kids can have a blast at the beach, your kids cansend letters to elfy, go on a boat ride, your kids can play at the new park, take a ride on the trolly, feed the ducks, go fishing, take a bike ride around the lake, go see the rose garden, and see live preformances at the castle. At lake Harriet everyone will find something fun and adventurous to do. You can also work on your tan.

Wild Rumpus Bookstore

Our next stop is at wild rumpus. Wild rumpus is a unique kids bookstore that will get every kid to fall in love with reading one page at a time. This bookstore is unique from other ordinary bookstores because there are cats, chickens and birds roaming the store. The store makes you feel as if your in a real children book. The store is as wild as a zoo. The animals bring the store to life.


The malt shop

The last stop of the day just might be the sweetest, the malt shop. There are over 30 different flavors of malt that you can choose from so everyone will find their favorite. Even though the name of the resistant is the malt shop, they also serve tons of delicious food. I hope that you enjoyed our tour.

Come Take This Tour With Us, You Won't Regrett It

Don't miss out on the adventurous tour. Don't take your kids to an overcrowded amusement park, take them on an educational and unforgettable tour.

Prices: Adult: $8.00

3 and under: free

children: $5.00