Regina Caeli Newsletter

April 2023

Queen of Heaven Pray for Us!

Regina Caeli or Queen of Heaven is a beautiful prayer! Check it out!!

Springing Into Easter!

Where did Winter go!? Where was the snow!? Oh well, maybe next year. Spring has most definitely sprung! The flowers are blooming and the allergies are looming. Most importantly, Easter is just around the corner! During Lent, St. Mary Catholic School focused on humility by praying The Litany of Humility. This prayer reminds us who we all are in Christ. We are both a beloved child of God and a sinner. We are both amazing and a mess. In being reminded of our true identity, in Christ, we are free to make mistakes and learn from them; we are able to make ourselves vulnerable to learn and grow; and we are able to see the humanity in those around us. An added bonus to praying The Litany of Humility is the building of awesome vocabulary words such as: columniated, rebuked, consulted, extolled and esteemed! Let us embrace our cross as Christ embraced His, and walk through Holy Week with humility, hope, fasting, alms giving and prayer, as we await His promise of new life!

We have been working directly with our young scholars in teaching the tools needed to set and respect boundaries. This is a very important life lesson that will help our students to self advocate as well as practice self awareness and impact on others. The book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend is an excellent resource for parents who would like to empower their children to develop in social and emotional learning. Play is a very important part of a child's development. On the playground, children learn to self-regulate and to manage emotions such as frustration or anticipation. It is during unstructured times, such as recess that students are more likely to experience conflict with their peers. We use these moments to help our children learn empathy, self awareness, compassion and self control. Teachers and I NEED to be made aware of conflicts between our students in order to help them practice these needed skills. If a child comes home and expresses any problems he or she might be having with peers, ask if an adult has been told. We can't address what we don't know. If your child has not told an adult, please make a plan to let a teacher know as soon as possible.

I pray that all our SMCS staff, students and parents have a blessed Easter Break. Let's ask that the Good Lord fills us with His peace and joy so we may return rejuvenated!

Let's be exceptional!!

Sincerely in Him,

Michelle Smetanick, Principal

Check Out Our Good Samaritans!

We pay attention! We look for those students who extend themselves regularly to help and encourage their classmates and show kindness to others.


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