Doctor dies after beingbrutaly shot

shot and killed doing his work

the 44 year doctor was working when he was shot Tuesday morning

the suspect, 55 year old Stephen Pasceri , came to the hospital and asked to see the victim, Michael Davidson. The doctor came into the foyer between the waiting and exam rooms to see the suspect before he was shot.

"His colleaguse got to him as quickly as possible, over to the emergency room, Within the last year, we have done several trainings here on this very scenario", Police investigator Jeremy Evens said. The murder is still going under an investigation.

The motive

The hospital reported that the mother of the shooter, Marguerite Pasceri, was the patient of the Davidson´s and she had recently died in his care. they believe that Stephen blamed him for the death of his mother and was seeking revenge when he killed him.


1. In what hospital did the shooting happen?

2. Why was the doctor shot?

3. What was the name of the shooter?

4. Who was the doctor that got shot?


1. it happened in Birighams woman hospital

2. The reason is not known, but we think he did it because the mother of the shooter was a patient of Dr.Michael Davidson and had recently died.

3. Stephen Pasceri

4. His name was Michael Davidson, he was the director of endovascular cardiac surgery at the hospital and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.


cardiac = hjarta

surgery = aðgerð

suspect = sá grunaði

foyer = andyrri