Isn't as poor as it seems.


sahel is a semi-arid place,at least 8 months are dry. sahel gets the average rainfall of 1-8 inches per year. sahel is between the regions of sahana and the savanas. sahel has several animimals including camels,pack ox,grazzing cattle,and sheep.

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Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian Highlands were probably part of early volcanic history. The Ethiopian Plateau and several of its mountain group are cut by deep valleys. the Blue Niles runs from its source, lake tan, through the center of the plateau. The Ethiopian Highlands are in the western part of the plateau.
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Congo River

Another name for the Congo river is the Zaire river it is formed by the waters of Lualaba. The Congo river is one of the longest rivers in the world. The Congo river flows for 2,720 miles through Zaire to the Atlantic Ocean. The Congo river is 4-10 miles wide.
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Red Sea

Because its surrounded by excessively hot and dry deserts and steppes,Summer water temperatures often exceed 85 F. The Red Sea is a long narrow sea that sits between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The Red Sea is a part of the Indian ocean by the gulf of aden. The Gulf of Aqaba and Gulf of Suez are the sea's northern arms;between them sits the Sinia Peninsula.
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