5 Mobile Apps for a K-12 Classroom

Below are apps that are highlighted for educational purposes


Twitter is great for sending out reminders to your students, having conversations outside of the classroom, doing explorative tasks like scavenger hunts using hashtags for tracking and much more. Twitter is great because it allows for greater communication instead of waiting for teachers to check their e-mails and it's something most students are a part of.

Google Drive

This mobile app can be used for all ages who have mobile devices. The google drive app is great for when a laptop/ computer is not available as you can check your e-mail, documents, presentations as well as written assignments. By allowing these to be on a mobile device, students can work on their tasks via their phone which might make it more interesting for those kids who are quite attached to their devices, but also allows for more accessibility to their work outside of the learning environment.

Mobile Apps

Attached above is the link to the ITunes educational section for mobile apps. Though I highlighted some of the mobile apps i think would be effective, Apple and Android feature many many more beneficial apps for the classroom between the grades of K-12