Star banquet versus Modern banquet

Which one to choose?

Which one?

Star banquet hall charges 35 dollars per person. Modern banquet hall charges a 300 dollar flat rate and 25 per person. Both of these banquet halls offer the same things but the prices are arranged differently.

The work (Equations and how they work out)

"C" is cost, in dollars. "P" is number of people.

Star| c=35p | The cost is 35 times the number of people.

Modern| c=25p+300 | Flat cost of 300 plus the product of 25 with the number of people.

Making the choice


Below 30 people, Star banquet has a better price because there is no flat cost. If there is more than 30 people, Modern banquet has a better price because after the flat cost, the price person is much smaller then it is for Star banquet. 30 people is the break even point. Here, choosing either one is fine because they both cost 1050 dollars.


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