Soil erosion in Madagascar

Erosion in africa is becoming a reality, please help

A Description Of The Problem...

The problem in Madagascar is that there is soil erosion due to deforestation and overgrazing. this technically means that in Madagascar the soil is being blown away or washed away resulting as less soil and less fertile soil.

Causes and effects of soil erosion

Causes-some causes are Deforestation and Overgrazing. Deforestation is when people cut down trees and don't replant the trees. Overgrazing is when livestock keeps on eating the grass and the owners of the livestock don't move to a more fertile land.

Effects-Deforestation is bad for humans because after a few years without replanting the soil becomes eroded away as an result of wind and rain. It affects animals because the animals lose their habitat due to erosion. Overgrazing is bad on humans because after a few months of grazing the land becomes less fertile causing in less grass.

A solution to the problem

A solution to erosion is that we can plant more trees. The roots of the trees grab the soil and prevent it from being blown or washed away. If we plant more trees in Madagascar then there will be more beautiful wildlife and the island of Madagascar will be more beautiful. The island of Madagascar will also no longer be "bleeding".
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My group needs funding. If wanting to donate please call 1-800-555-5555 All funds will go directly to buying trees to plant in Madagascar.

VOLUNTEERS wanted: if you want to help plant trees call the number above and call.