March 2016

Better Late Than Never Information

Hello SAC Family, I have a lot of information to throw at you so I hope you can keep up with me. I know the road has been a bit rocky lately, but everyone seems to be holding down the forts quite nicely. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to our program! Now for the rundown.

  • Spring Break - The directors have been working hard to get things into place for Spring Break. Please make sure you know your schedule and try your best not to take off during this time. We need everyone to be present and ready for work so we can make this a great experience.

  • Classes - I have finally heard from the Francis Institute and Rose has turned in her proposal for the classes. I hope to hear from her very soon. I will keep you posted.

  • CPR - CPR Testing today beginning at 2:30. This will be Cody, Trina and Jill.

  • Training with Science Pioneers - I have met with Pam Stepp and have our trainings planned. We are shooting for the end of April or beginning of May. I will keep everyone informed of this process.

  • Summer School and 2016/17 School Year - I have given out the employment sign-up forms for Summer School and the 2016/17 school year. Please fill them out accurately and turn them in by Monday. If you need to wait because of class schedules just let me know. I need to figure out how many staff I will need to hire for summer.

  • ASEOP - If you need to be off for any shifts you must have it logged into AESOP. If you have a hard time entering it please call Lori at Grace (348-1514) or Teresa Stocking at 489-7000. This is very important so you are not docked for time.

  • I would like to make everyone aware that you may not clock in before your scheduled shifts unless it has been okayed by your Director.

  • You are also to clock out when your shift ends. You may not wait around for the time to round up.


  • Dee is home and doing well!!! She is free from any infections and the doctor says she is healing very well. She is doing a lot of therapy and being closely monitored by the nurses so she is in good hands. I have been by to visit and she seems to be hopping on one foot like it's a professional sport. Please wish her well! We love you Dee!


  1. As a reminder, we are a team and when you are at work please remember that you need to be paying attention to the children at all times and helping your co-workers.

  2. Sitting away from the children is not helpful. Please be mindful of what it looks like when parents and other staff see you sitting up by the desk not doing anything. You are here to work with children and that is what I expect to see when I visit your site.

  3. Engage in what the children are doing. Even if they are playing games with each other. Walk around the room and ask them questions about what they are doing. Let them talk to you about the structures they are building. Ask them open ended questions about their work.

  4. Remember to listen for teachable moments. When children are playing there are many things going on and being said. If you are up moving about the room you will be able to catch arguments before they explode. This is also a perfect time to catch them doing the right things. This is called finding teachable moments. If you are up and paying attention you can help the children build life skills that they will take with them through life. This is an important part of our job. This does not mean that you cannot sit with the children and play games. Please use your best judgement.

  5. We are here to build relationships with our children and engage their minds. We are not babysitters that sit in chairs and watch children play.

  • Some frustrations have been brought to my attention and I would like to make sure everyone is aware of these concerns so we can work as a team to make changes.

  1. Classroom management -We all have rules set for the children at our sites and when a staff member allows children to break these rules or chooses not to hold each child accountable you become part of a problem and that can create an atmosphere of animosity. It is not the director's sole responsibility to manage all children. This is why we have more than one staff at each site. Everyone is responsible for knowing the rules and holding children accountable. If you are not sure what is expected of you please ask so you will know.
  2. Negative talk - As many of you already know there will always be something that we disagree with at our jobs. This will be at any job that you will have throughout your life. Sometimes if you take a moment to reflect you may find that the problem lies within you and sometimes there is a real issue that needs to be dealt with. If you have an issue with something please take that moment to figure out if the issue is something that truly is a problem within the program. If the answer is yes then you need to take the appropriate steps to resolve the issue. First, speak with the person or persons you have the issue with. If the problem is not resolved you need to speak with your director. If this does not solve the issue you may come to me. This is clearly stated in the handbook and I expect these steps to be taken. I will not accept negative talk within our program. It brings down the morale and others do not need to come to work in a negative atmosphere.

Shout Outs!

I would like to say thank you to Tim and Steph for helping with Gladden and Cambridge during such a difficult time. You two have not only run your own sites, but helped support the other two sites and set up our Spring Break. You have truly gone above and beyond and showed great teamwork and dedication to our program. I cannot thank you enough.

I would also like to thank Kylee and Jen for stepping up and taking on a lot of the director responsibilities. These girls stepped right in without being asked and have contributed a lot of work to Spring Break. Both of you are great examples of what it means to be team players.

Molly has agreed to step in as Director while Dee is out. You are amazing and I am very thankful for your help!

I am very grateful to have team that is supportive and dedicated to making this program a success. I cannot do it without you!

Dates To Remember

Today - CPR

March 23rd - April 1st - Spring Break

April 12th - Jill Molli - 9:00 - 12:00

Happy Very Late Birthday!!!!

Dee 3/3

Emily 3/4

Steph 3/ 9

Nicole 3/19