Don't believe them! They're just fakes

What is Fraud?

Frauds are fakes. Easy to remember because they both start with an "F". Fraud can occur all over the place, whether it is a fake email or buying something that isn't real.

Frauds just want your money or personal information and they are very tricky when they try to get it.

Easy tips for Avoiding Fruad

Even if the email looks convincing, don't put your personal information on an email. Anything that would even need your personal information would have a more secure way of getting it. Emails can easily be hacked and usually companies that want your information will want to be trusted and won't do something so stupid.

If you are suspicious about something, look it up and see what others think about it. It might not even be a real thing.

Don't put your money on something that is too good to be true. It is most likely a fraud and you'll lose your money. Look at customer ratings and reviews to see what others think about the product.