Music of the Vietnam War:

Wynomi Thomas

1. Goodnight Saigon: Billy Joel

Goodnight Saigon, is a song that conveys some of the events that soldiers went through as they battled the Northern Vietnamese. This song is dedicated to veterans of the Vietnam war.

(2:00 - 3:00)

Billy Joel - Goodnight Saigon

2. We didn't start the Fire: Billy Joel

Billy Joel, names several events that occurred before, during, and after the Vietnam War. This song also speaks on the baby boomer generation, and how they "tried to fight" several events that took place throughout the baby boomer era.

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire (Official Video)

3. Soldier's Plea: Marvin Gaye

In Soldier's Plea, Marvin Gaye sings of a soldier who's being drafted to the war, and tells his lover that he must go for the both of them and the country.

(00:00 - 1:10)

Soldier's Plea

4. Front Line: Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder, sings of how a soldier feels at the front line of the battle in Front Line, and the effects the war has on a soldier.

(00:00 - 1:15)

Front Line (1982 Musiquarium Version)

5. War: Edwin Starr

Edwin Starr discusses the destruction of war. This song would've been strongly supported by war protesters.

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War - Edwin Starr

6. Paint it Black: The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones, talk about the mental challenges veterans face after they return from war, such as depression and PTSD.

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The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black (Official Lyric Video)