How marijuana can kill

effects of marijuana

1. when smoking marijuana the THC goes from your lungs into the blood stream

2. marijuana causes brain problems it makes it hard to slove things

3. you have a loss of cordnation

4. causes problems with meomry and leraning

5.dry throat

6. bloodshot eyes

7.faster heart rate

Marijuana is the most used drug in America

1.Marijuana is tobacco that is produced by drying the leaves

2.People that smoke marijuana get more respiratory problems having a chronic cough and bronchitis

3. marijuana can cause your blood pressure to decreased that causes dizziness. It also impairs the bodys ability to fight infections and diseases.

4.people that use marijuana alot tend to have alot odf depression

how it is used

how people smoke it they use cigarettes joints or hollowed out cigars pipes and apple

how to stop

you can talk to a counselor and get into group therapy sessions or individiual therapy with your counselor

marijuana statics of 2012

  • 20 percent of 8th graders do this
  • 40 percent of 10th graders do this
  • 49 percent of 12th graders do this