Momofuku Ando

Personal Charecteristics

1. Smart. Everyone saw that Japan needed food after WWII, but Momofuku was the only one that saw the bussiness opportunity created by that need.

2. Persistentence. Momofuku had previously been to jail and failed muiltiple bussinesses before he found one that stuck.

3. Hard working. Momofuku spent working on perfecting the flash frying of ramon.

Why Is He Successful?

Momofuku is very successful mainly because of his ability to find a need in society, and then find a product that would fill the need. In the case of Japan's food shortage he knew that the product had to be non perishable, ecoomical, tasty, and ready in under 3 minutes. So not only did he see a need, but he also had a killer bussiness plan to make the product sucessful. What Momofuku didn't know at the time, but would find out later, college students are cheep. When Cup O Noodles came to the United States it was a instant success with people on a budget. Not only was it 50 cents, but it delicious. So, verall Momofuku ability to spot needs in the market and to then fill them is the reason for his entrepenuerial sucess.
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