Research Unit

Read EVERY word of this assignment.


You will research a career for your future based on your aptitude test results.

You will determine the requirements for gaining this career.

You will research salary, locations for the position, and lifestyles associated with the career.

You will look at the salary and create a budget, find a place to live, and a vehicle to drive.

You will decide on a vacation to take on this salary without breaking the bank (spending too much of your salary) and without using any sort of credit.

You will present ALL of this information on a SMORE flyer, as I have done here.

Step 1

You will take a career aptitude test.

See the link below.

Answer TRUTHFULLY! Your answers on this test will show what you are most interested in doing, and possible careers will be provided.


YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE SKEWED (weird/messed up) RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 2

1) Take a look at your results. The highest interest is listed at the top. Possible careers are listed below the interest rate and category.


2) Show Mrs. Clemens your highest interest category and the percentage it received.

3) Pick THREE careers from this interest rate category.


Step 3

Mrs. Clemens' interests and rating.

1) Notice my interest level rating is a 92%.

2) My interest category is Education and Training Careers.

3) Below the category and possible class/course options, you see a listing of possible careers.

4) I pick: teacher, counselor, and curriculum developer as my THREE careers to research.

Big image

Step 4

1) Begin research on your THREE career options.

2) Take notes over each career.

You need to know:

1) What is this career?

2) What salary does this career make? CHECK THE LINK BELOW.

3) Where (city/state) does this career take place?

4) What is the best location for this career?

5) SHOW Mrs. Clemens your notes.

Step 5

Look at location options.

Find answers to the following questions:

1) Where would you live to get the salary you desire?

2) What does housing cost in that area?

3) Will you rent an apartment, house or duplex?

4) Will you buy a house, condo, town home?

5) How much of your salary will have to go to the rent or mortgage each month?

6) How much of your salary will have to go to the rent or mortgage each year?

7) Make sure you account for $1,500 dollars of OTHER BILLS each will have to pay water, electricity, phone, cable, entertainment (movies/eating out/shopping) etc. [I am rounding the total of all the monthly expenses to $1,500 to make the math easier for you. You are welcome!] :-D

Step 6

Make your final decision.

1) What career will you choose. Once you make your choice you cannot change your mind. THINK CAREFULLY!!!

2) Tell Mrs. Clemens your career choice. She will write it down in her notes.

Step 7A

Look at your vehicle options.

1) What kind of vehicle would you like to drive? Is it a logical (good) choice for you, your salary, and your lifestyle?

2) How much does that vehicle cost? Pay attention to the makes and models of the vehicle because the price of the vehicle changes based on your desires.

3) How much of your salary would have to go to the payments for this vehicle each month?

4) how much of your salary would have to go to the payments for this vehicle each year?

5) What color of vehicle would you purchase? Why?

Remember you must find a vehicle that can be paid for with your current salary and budget.

Look at the following websites to help you find the perfect vehicle.


car price times 1.2=________?________

take the price in the blank and divide it by 60 (most car loans are for 5 years)= _____your monthly car payment_____________

So Mrs. Clemens' would be:

$25,000 times 1.2=$30,000

$30,000 divided by 60= $500

Monthly car payment is $500.

Step 7B

Now look at your monthly expenses.

You have to save up for THREE months expenses and this money CANNOT be used for anything BUT savings.

After you have your THREE months of savings in the bank you can begin looking at vacations.

For example:

I bring home and can spend $3,166.66.

My monthly house mortgage is $833.33.

My bills are $1,500.00.

My car payment each month is $500.

That leaves me with 333.33.

Add ALL of those expenses together: house, bills, and car....and my MONTHLY expenses are $2833.33.

I have to have THREE months of expenses saved up for emergencies. That is $2833.33 multiplied by 3= $8,499.99.

If I only save $333.33 a month. I have to figure out how long it will take me to save $8,499.99.

So I will divide $8,499.99 by 333.33. The answer is 25 and a half months, so 2 years and 1 and a half months.

DOCUMENT ALL OF THIS MATH!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to see it and you MUST LABEL WHAT EACH NUMBER IS.

Read about these vacation types CAREFULLY!!!

Step 8


We all love a good vacation, but you have to find a vacation that you will be able to afford and that you will enjoy.

You are not married. You do not have any children.

Read the following article to find the amount of your salary you should be willing/able to spend on a vacation.

Do the math. Determine how much of your salary you can spend on a vacation. You CANNOT go over that amount!!!

Tell Mrs. Clemens your vacation purchase amount. She will write it down.

Step 9

Planning the vacation.

1) Do you want to go to the beach?

2) Do you want to go to an amusement park?

3) Do you want to go to another country?

4) Do you want to go skiing?

5) Do you want to drive to your destination?

6) Do you want to fly to your destination?

7) Do you want to have a stay-cation (staying somewhere away from your address, but in the same area/region/city/state)?

8) How long are you going to stay?

9) How will you get around while you are there? Rent a car? Walk?

ALL of these questions are important. You MUST know every little detail because the prices add up faster than you could every imagine.

You may have to rethink you "dream" vacation. You cannot go crazy with your ideas, unless the money in the bank agrees.

Use the following links to support your vacation searches. You can look on your own websites, too.

Account for ALL travel spending in your vacation research...airfare, room, food, transportation on the ground, etc...

Step 10

Make sure Mrs. Clemens knows these things:

1) The career you chose.

2) The salary of that career.

3) How much you have to spend on vacation.

4) Where you are going on vacation.

Step 11

Vacation Itinerary (everything you plan to do each day)

1) You have already chosen your destination.

2) You have to create your itinerary for the trip. I want to know everything from the moment you leave your home to go on vacation to the moment you get back home.

3) Look at my sample itinerary below.

Step 12

You will write a Cinquain Poem depicting your vacation itinerary.

I want to see the raw, remarkable excitement, beauty, adventure, and relaxation of your vacation.


Cinquain Organization:

A cinquain poem has FIVE LINES--

Line 1 has one word (the title).

Line 2 has two words that describe the title.

Line 3 has three words that tell the action.

Line 4 has four words that express the feeling.

Line 5 has one word which recalls the title.

Mrs. Clemens' example of her 5 day vacation itinerary:

Beach Time
Relax, Eat, Swim
Remarkable, beautiful splashing waves


on shore
pedaling, stopping, viewing
inspired by the scenery


with stingrays
smooth, slick fins
impressed I’m alive


like birds
high above water
powerful curiosity watching all



going soon
on the airplane
reflecting, relaxing, peaceful week
au revoir