Hosp Appy Hour

Happy Spring Break

Almost there...

Happy almost Spring Break!

I hope each of you find much rest, relaxation, and fun

on your much deserved week off.

If you had a cart or BenQ checked out, please remember to...

--> Return checkout carts to the pods

--> Plug into power strip

--> Make sure all devices are accounted for & plugged in to charger

--> BenQ is turned off

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Technology Refresh

Classroom Devices:

iPads (arrive week of March 25th)

  • K-2 Classrooms: 10 each
  • 3 Checkout Carts: 1 per pod

Chromebooks (arrival date TBD)

  • 3-5 Classrooms: Full class set (1:1)
  • 3 Checkout Carts: 1 per pod

Please be thinking and planning ahead for turning in your current classroom devices making sure all the ones that are checked out to you are accounted for. If you are missing any or have any extra ones that are supposed to be in another classroom, please get that straightened out so there's no delay in getting new ones.

Classroom Device Storage

Free/inexpensive ideas for classroom device storage...
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Tools for Teachers...

  • TEKS App: View the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in one app! A great reference for teachers, parents, and students to easily read and understand the standards. Quickly find and search standards by subject, grade level, and key word.

  • Lead4ward App: Get quick and easy access to formative assessments, snapshots, field guides, and released STAAR analysis tools.

Just so you know...

  • Teachers can now print from Chromebooks!
    Cloud printing has been deployed to all staff CB logins. To print, simply go to File > Print, click change to select the PrintQ for your campus, and click OK. OR, click the 3 little dots in the top right hand corner, select printer, and change the destination to campus PrintQ. Scan your badge like normal and pick up your print job.

  • Since it is testing season, the district has set all of the chromebooks to stay logged in all of the time. So even when a student closes their CB, they are still logged into it. Whoever opens the lid next will have access to that first student's stuff who was logged in. Please make sure they are logging out before they close those Chromebooks.

Upcoming Tech PD Opportunities...

Deanna Collins - DLC

My Schedule:

March 18-22

Mon: ECS

Tue: Hosp

Wed: ECS a.m.

Thu: Off Campus Training

Fri: Hosp