Western vs. Chinese Parents

Is there a "perfect parent"?

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My Perfect Parent

In the picture above you can see a lady with a tiger face. This tiger face represents strict, a strict mom will be a good parent because if they are too nice that they do everything for you is bad. But that is not all. This child with his teddy bear with the lady, or mom, in her side with the hand the girl's forehead means that my oerfect parent is caring and lovable. The mom is mellow and not malicious. Strict but not too strict, mellow but not too mellow is the perfect parent for me.

My perfect parent.

A perfect parent for will be a parent that is half strict and half nice and caring. I think they should be like that because if they are too strict they will be too boring and mean. They should be half nice and caring because of they are too nice their children will think the world is their's. As you have read, chinese moms are malignant and very strict,"You are garbage!" says in the the article "Chinese Moms vs. western Moms: Is there a Mother Superior?" paragraph 15. Also, chinese moms expect their kids to be proficient in everything,"Be the top student in every subject with an exception of gym or drama." Chinese parents do not let their kid to fallible, too.In the other hand Western Moms are more mellow. Wetsern moms do not help their kids in their homework, and they have their reasons. " Western Moms, and in particular moms, just don't have the time,energy, or well, discipline,"says in paragraph 3. Also in paraghraph 19 the author describes that western moms won't spend extra time in their kids," Getting kids to do their homework is a challenge enough, extra hours of moms-generated excercises? Not happening."