Learn to Rock at The Launch Pad

Indy's top destination for music lessons!

Not your parents lesson program!

Here at the Launch Pad, we offer music lessons for all ages and skill levels.

Guitar – Bass – Drums – Keys – Voice – Percussion

The music lesson program at The Launch Pad is designed with performance in mind. Students meet with one of our instructors for 30 minutes each week, and right away we have them learning the music that inspires them. Our entire program and facility are designed to take learning music into a new dimension, that’s as collaborative as it is creative. Once our youth students get the basics, it’s onward to our Rock Band program, where they have opportunities to rehearse, perform and record music with their peers and with the pros. The “lessons” they learn along the way? …teamwork, accountability, confidence and self-expression.

About Us

"At The Launch Pad, we believe that when you put an instrument in a kid’s hand AND you show them to the stage, you give them the confidence to succeed. We are equipping and encouraging artists to find their voice…in music and in life!"
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