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Thomas Elementary March 31, 2022

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Spring Break Greetings, Thomas Families!

Hello, Thomas Tigers!

We hope this message finds you enjoying some well-deserved time away! You could be on a vacation somewhere warm or perhaps a staycation relaxing with family. Whatever choice you have made, a change in routine can feel very refreshing! We are sure to return back to school on Monday, April 4th filled with new energy to power us through the next eight weeks of the school year!

Have fun! Safe travels!

:-) Mrs. Axelband & Mrs. Davis

Building News

The Week Before Spring Break was Action Packed

The Second Grade Spring Performance

Second graders performed a mini musical titled, "Be Brave. Be Kind" for the school on March 22nd. Students were very excited for this performance as singers and audience members. The message was beautiful! Second grade students should be extremely proud of their efforts. We are grateful to Mrs. Arcaro, our Thomas Music Teacher, for designing this musical celebration! Here is a link to the special event.

This performance was additionally a tremendous opportunity to practice being a terrific audience. Those viewing the show remembered to sit quietly in one spot, remain in their own space, and maintain eyes on the singers. The audience gave a hearty round of applause when the performance was over. After the second graders left the stage, audience members looked for their teacher to dismiss them, walking calmly back to class. Bravo!! We look forward to more entertaining events in the future!!

Second Grade's Wax Museum

Thursday, second grade family members and Thomas students visited the commons to learn about special people. Second graders have been studying the lives of influential people in history. They researched and read biographies in order to learn of the contributions these famous Americans shared. What a fantastic effort on the part of our second graders! Many thanks to the collaboration of the second grade teachers and families to support our children in their learning!

Thomas Fifth Grade vs. Thomas Staff Volleyball Game

Our wonderful week closed with a friendly game of volleyball between staff and students. Varying classes popped into spectate. Teachers from other grade levels and areas stepped into try their hand at serving up the ball. It is a tradition at Thomas Elementary for the fifth graders to apply their volleyball skills in pursuit of a victory against the staff. They gave it a valiant effort! We applaud the good sportsmanship witnessed by all who attended:-)


During the month of March, Thomas Elementary has studied the character trait COOPERATION. You may want to try out a few cooperative activities during your spring break:-)

Cooking Up Cooperation In this challenge, every family member will be in charge of one dish for tonight’s dinner. Work together to plan the meal, then make room for one another in the kitchen as you all take a task and prepare something to savor for tonight’s collaborative meal. Work together to plan the menu ahead of time or get creative and make each part in secret and see how they come together!

Spring Cleaning As a household, brainstorm a list of chores that help keep the home in order. What are some things that would really make the home feel more peaceful, beautiful, or inspiring? After brainstorming, each person chooses a role to help tidy or decorate the home. Throw on some music that everyone enjoys and get to work beautifying your home. Better yet, make it a game! Have points associated with how quickly (and how quality) each person can clean each thing. Keep track of the score and have a prize waiting for the Clean Up Champion.

Cooperative Story Telling

To prepare for this activity, gather about 25 small scraps of paper. Ask each family member to write down one noun on each scrap of paper. Encourage family members to write a variety of people, places, and things. Shuffle the scraps and place them face down on a table. One family member will start the story by drawing one scrap of paper. The family member will include that noun in the beginning of the story and add extra details as needed. Family members will continue to build the story by drawing more nouns and adding more details until you run out of scraps. Don’t forget to start winding down the story to prepare for an ending when you get low on scraps. With Cooperation, your family can create a wonderfully creative story!

Thomas families, please visit to check out this site. There are free resources including podcasts and weekly strategies to positively impact your daily work:-)

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“Do-nut” miss your chance to order some yummy Krispy Kreme Donuts to be picked up at our Donut Drive Thru!!! Presale only starting 4/1!

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Thomas PTO Flower Sale

Thank you for participating in the Thomas P.T.O. Foertmeyer & Sons Spring Flower Sale. Flower delivery will take place Thursday, May 12th. Mark your calendars!
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District Information

Have a great spring break

We hope that all of our students have a fun, safe and healthy spring break. We look forward to everyone returning on April 4.

PERC Hosting Two Upcoming Events

On April 6, there will be a book talk about Jessica Lahey’s The Addiction Inoculation, Raising Healthy Kids in a Culture of Dependence. The morning talk is at 9:30-11 a.m. at the Dublin Library and the evening talk is at 7-8:30 p.m. via Zoom. Click here to register. Then on April 7 at 7-8:30 p.m. at Jerome, there is a “Can You See Me Now” event. Explore a teenage bedroom to identify potential signs of drug use or risky behavior. This is led by HART (Health Awareness and Recovery Together) and the Dublin Police Department.

Highlighting the Aviation Academy

Check out this video done by students in our Digital Media Academy highlighting the learning happening in our Aviation Academy at Emerald Campus.

Celebrating Literacy

Check out our newest video celebrating what literacy looks like in our schools.

Students are invited to attend the Career, Job, & Internship Fair

The Dublin City Schools Work in Dublin Career, Job and Internship fair is set for Tuesday, April 12 at Scioto. The event is at 11:30 a.m.-5 p.m. and transportation will be provided for students who wish to attend during the school day. This is a great opportunity for students to find a summer job, get started in their career or get an internship opportunity in a field they are interested in. Students can register for the event using the QR code on the attached flier.

Need more information? Visit our sites below.


If your child will be absent from school, please email our attendance line at You can also call our attendance line at 614.718.8875

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