The People's Bank of Townsville

Faithfully serving the Townsville Valley area

We're not like other banks

Our main goal is to ensure that your banking experience is tailored to your needs. We offer individual plans and rates for each member, allowing you to balance interest rates, loan rates, and fees for services, according to what you use most. Whether it be retirement, a new home, or graduate school, we consider your short- or long-term goals. We're happy to compromise!

Our services put your needs first

You can trust us

We are fully FDIC insured. Because we value your trust, we send updates of policy changes right away, with absolutely no fine print and no hidden fees.

Overdraft protection

We understand that finance is hard, and sometimes we make mistakes. We won't penalize you with high fees for overspending.

We're always open!

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there are always assistants on hand to speak with you personally about your financial needs. Or call us to speak with a live assistant.

Stop by and join today!

Located directly in the center of downtown Townsville, we put your convenience first! Use our central location or stop by one of the many branches found in local stores and shops. We help you avoid ATM fees and love to handle your needs directly.