Eliot Porter


Basics and Early Life

Born: December 6, 1901 in Winnetka, Illinois
Died: November 2, 1990 (age 88) in Santa Fe, New Mexico

He has been an amateur photographer since childhood, he was known for photographing the Great Spruce Head Island owned by his family. Eliot earned degrees in chemical engineering and medicine, and worked as a biochemical researcher at Harvard University.

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Eliot Porter's style/trademark was nature, specifically trees though. Also, he used color photography.


Porter was moderately famous and has work in some exhibits. His big break was when he was younger and he photographed the environment on an island his family owned. Although, he did win an award; The Guggenheim Fellowship.


Eliot, although very proud of his color work, is very humble about it. He doesn't consider himself famous or a professional. He does however, appreciate black & white and color photos.


The media perception of Eliot was harsh sometimes because of his color work. He respected black & white work but he always wanted to do color. And the opinions of others about this were mostly negative, but some positive. Some people did really love his work, and some still do.


Nature is Eliot's love. He takes a lot of tree pictures and I love them. It is my favorite from him. They are so tall and slender and bunched together. They really represent him, and there are many photographers today who follow in the same style. I am really glad that those types of pictures are popular and common today.