Month-End Recap

From Ayesha Dawley

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May 2016

This update is for my team only, and is designed to provide

  • a recap of our success from the previous month
  • real-life examples of what other consultants are doing
  • training and information

THE NUMBERS: A Benchmark for You

Our Team Had a RECORD MONTH!

Number of Consultants: 55

Average Personal Volume (PV): $729

Average Personal Volume (PV) Among Active Consultants: $890

Three Highest PVs: $4,485 / $3,197 / $2,444

Three Highest NVs: $3,878 / $3,016 / $2,284

Number of Consultants with a Team: 19

Number of Promotions This Month: 4



Katy Fabinski (Mentor: Heather Nill)
Jennifer Kilzer (Mentor: Jennifer Kilzer - Yes, you read that correctly. There are two!
We'll call the newer one Jennifer Kilzer2 in these recaps!)
Suzanne Van Widvey (Mentor: Ayesha Dawley)
Katie Organ (Mentor: Jaime Goberville)
Joni Bassett (Mentor: Virgina Bell)

We are so glad you're here! This is going to be fun and rewarding!


El Kralj: Manager
Virginia Bell: Manager
Jennifer KIlzer2: Senior Consultant
Joni Bassett: Senior Consultant
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Escape to Bacara!

Enjoy the rewards of laid-back luxury and California style!

The best of California awaits you at this year’s trip to Santa Barbara’s Bacara Resort and Spa. You will not want to miss this incredible opportunity to gather with fellow Consultants and key members of the Beautycounter HQ team for a remarkable weekend where you will have access to exclusive training with Beautycounter leaders. Commit to growing your business and we will see you on the bluffs of Santa Barbara. In order to qualify for the Escape to Bacara Incentive Trip, a Consultant must reach 100+ points from June 1 to July 31, 2016.

Think You Can't Earn the Trip? Think Again!

Here is how one fairly NEW consultant earned the trip last year!
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So are you going to TRY? What would you tell your own child to do? Quit because something looked too difficult, without even TRYING first? Go Behind the Counter, read through the materials, print the Trip Tracker and pencil out a plan. Give it a go.

What if you don't earn it? I GUARANTEE that you'll at least walk away with a better business than that with which you started. NEW consultants earn this trip EACH year. So, you can most definitely earn it. Work with your mentor, BE COACHABLE, roll up your sleeves and TRY. You're worth at least that, and you DESERVE that effort!

A flyer can be found Behind the Counter along with the following assets: FAQs, Trip Tracker, and Pathways to Success Training Tool.
Behind the Counter > Tools > Sales > Incentives
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Stats & Tips from the Minneapolis Director Workshop

  • For every 10 Level 1 consultants on your team, ONE will be a business builder.
  • All consultants should be using the Goal Tracker every month.
  • The average social produces $550 in sales.
  • The average 1:1 results in a $120 order.
  • For every 10 people you talk to about the business opportunity, ONE will join your team.
  • Beautycounter has less than a 1% return rate.
  • Put an order form in your face kits, and write out the products that are in the face kit on the order form!
  • Ask face kit recipients for referrals: "Question for you. If you had three more of these super cute pouches, who could I give them to, with your compliments?"
  • When recruiting, remember: It's better to be interested than interesting.
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Tips for New Consultants

Between the calls, Behind the Counter, our training modules, Laura Stenovec's website, team meetings, consultant Facebook pages, Voxer groups and your mentor, there is NO shortage of tools to help you launch a STRONG business!

Here are some things to focus on as a new consultant:
  • New Consultant Training Calls: Dates/times can be found in the Weekly Consultant Newsletter that arrives every Tuesday from HQ. If you can't listen to the calls live, you can find the recordings Behind the Counter > Calls.
  • Team Meetings: Many markets hold monthly team meetings. In the Twin Cities, ours are typically on the first Monday of every month. If there isn't a live team meeting held in your area, you may join Laura Stenovec's monthly virtual team meeting via Zoom. Details are posted on Laura's team Facebook page: Business Tips BC Team Truth & Transparency
  • Your upline Managing Director is Michelle Skinner, and your upline regional Managing Director is Laura Stenovec. Laura is directly tied to HQ. Laura's team name is "Team Truth & Transparency."
  • Behind the Counter is our consultant portal and is run by HQ. But, Laura has also provided her own team website,, which has a lot of great training for new consultants. Use the same username and password that you use for Behind the Counter. Laura will have to verify/confirm you first, as a consultant.
  • The team Facebook page for everyone under Michelle Skinner is "Team Happenings," and should be your first stop as a smaller forum for questions.
  • Use the Memory Jogger and FRANKS List.
  • Download Voxer.
  • Start on your Time Blocking / schedule and set your Beautycounter hours - a MINIMUM of two hours per week.
  • Schedule four (4) socials: two (2) of your own and two (2) outside socials. This will help you launch STRONG! Be open for business!
  • Use the Quick Start document.
  • Work your way through the Welcome to Beautycounter email, created for anyone under Laura Stenovec.
  • Use the Investment Calculator document, to earn back your initial investment quickly.
  • Focus on the Start Counting incentive.
  • Make sure you have your Business Aids. Here is a helpful newsletter about those, created by Director Ali Schwebel: Beautycounter - Business Aids
  • Use our consultant Facebook pages! First stop and most frequently used should be the smallest one, "Beautycounter - Team Happenings." Next,
    Business Tips BC Team Truth & Transparency. Used less often are Minnesota Beautycounter Consultants and
    Kudos and Welcome: BC Team Truth & Transparency.
  • Work your way through the Training Modules Behind the Counter!
  • Use the Goal Tracker document every month.
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  • Escape to Bacara
  • Dash to Director
  • Start Counting Program
  • 2 Months to Manager Training
  • 3 Months to Director Training
  • Managing Director Perks

You can always find details on current incentives Behind the Counter.

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So this happened in May….

--Record breaking month in sales for Beautycounter.
--Record breaking month in sales for our team!
--We went to congress and lobbied for more health protective laws that govern personal care products for our families.
--We launched one of the safest and high performing mascaras ever.
--We opened our first pop-up shop, on Nantucket, for summer 2016
--We announced a partnership with Target coming this Fall.
--We were featured in Fast Company.
--We were featured in many Fashion & Beauty publications...too many to note.

I could not be more grateful to be part of this company and part of this mission. I feel incredibly grateful to be part of such an incredible company, and to be working with each of you.

Plan your work, and work your plan, because NOW is the time. You are fortunate enough to be one of the FIRST IN with this company. Get ready. Work hard. What an amazing opportunity we have.

We are a disruptive beauty brand dedicated to radical transparency. Our goal is progress, not perfection. The market is ripe for safe products. This is our moment.

Let's do this!

Ayesha Dawley

Senior Director


Beautycounter is a disruptive beauty brand dedicated to radical transparency. Our mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone.