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Turn Back the Clock Presentation Coming to Santa Barbara in a few days

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Come join us for an exciting presentation to learn about the latest breakthrough science that is helping people LOOK and FEEL 10 years younger. Discover the Youth Enhancement System that is getting dramatic results for people, without surgery, botox or harmful chemicals.

Jeunesse Global is a world wide company in the anti aging arena that is opening up the Santa Barbara area. You will hear about top scientists such as Dr. Nathan Newman, a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dermatologist that is world renown for his adult stem cell technology for the skin. He is helping thousands have more radiant, moister, firmer and reduction of deep lines and wrinkles, all done naturally and affordably.

Jeunesse Global is the first ever adult stem cell technology company to market these products. We are having record breaking months, even in this economy because these products deliver.

Dr. Vincent Giampapa is a pioneer in the field of anti-aging medicine, and the first president of the American Academy of anti-aging Medicine. Jeunesse Global has the privilege of exclusive rights to market his formula for enhancing longevity and DNA Repair for more vitality, energy and cells regeneration, so you can feel healthier and more youthful as you age.

In addition to these best of the best scientists, you will also learn about the unsurpassed global income opportunity wrapped around these extraordinary products.

Take a moment to watch the short 2 minute videos attached below. It will help you understand visually why these products are so powerful to reverse the aging process. And there is nothing on the market like it!

Let's grow young, healthy and vibrant together,

Carol McWilliams



Char Tanner



Turn Back the Clock on your Aging Now!

Sunday, July 21st 2013 at 1-3pm

The Business of AC Ramirez Inc. 824 Cacique Street, Santa Barbara, CA.

Join us for the presentation and light refreshments.

About the Leaders

Carol McWilliams, Ph.D. has a background in humanistic psychology, integrating body mind and spirit for optimal health. She has been entrepreneur for many years in the health and wellness arena. Carol is passionate about helping people look and feel fabulous, so they can be vital, healthy and gorgeous for years to come. She helps people create a body, business and life they love using the latest breakthroughs in technology, E-commerce and epigenetic (the science of keeping cells healthy, longer)

Jeunesse Global on Stem Cells and Anti-Aging
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