Francis Cabot Lewis

Invents the Lowell System

Francis Invents

Francis Cabot Lewis has came up with the idea of the Lowell System. The Lowell System is a way for getting workers. In the system it only hires young unmarried woman to work at a loom that spins thread and wove cloth. The workers were paid between 2-4 dollars a week ( which was more than some jobs), but it costed $1.25 for room and board. The workers were known as Lowell girls. Lowell girls were encouraged to take classes and join clubs in their free time.

Jobs available!

Samuel Slater is hiring for work in his new system called the Rhode Island System. This is a perfect oppurtunity for anybody. This is a great way to spend time with your family because he is hiring whole families. This is a great job for any living human. Did I mention housing is included?