By: Chase Cotter


The most important belief in Hindulsm is Reincarnation. They believe moksha releases the soul into total closeness with the creative divinity of Braham.

I think that when they die they come back to life in a better of worse form.

Current Event

Extremist - Extremist factions have perverted religious teachings to allow for persecution of and violence against other religions.

Current Event- The Saffron Terror; September 29, 2008 bombing the Muslim town of Malegon. Late 2008 Indian police arrested Hindu terrorist, involving the Malegon blast. August 2010, Hindu Swami in the Patan district filed a defamation lawsuit against Chilambaram, saying that the saffron colour is a symbol of Hindu religion and that saints across the county wear attire of the same colour. September 6, 2010 a Gujart court ordered a probe.

Saffron Terror



Hinduism Sanskrit Necklace

The universal mantra of Buddhism and Hinduism, represents the primeval creational sound, the essence of Indian traditional knowledge. Not strictly a script, Sanskrit encompasses the literary and written forms of the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. OM is used as an affirmation or assent, intoned as part of a mantra or other meditation. OM is the first word in the Tibetan mantra om mani padme hum, hail to the jewel of the Lotus. As such it is familiar to westerners practicing yoga, usually chanted at the beginning or end of a practice.


Oh, when will dawn for me
that day of blessedness
When He who is all Good, all Beauty, and all Truth,
Will light the inmost shrine
of my heart?

We know not
whence we come,
nor where we float away.
Time and again
we tread this round
of smiles and tears.
In vain we pine to know
whither our pathway leads,
and why we play
this empty play.

How are you trying,
O my mind,
to know the nature of God?
You are groping like a madman
locked in a dark room.
He is grasped through ecstatic love;
How can you fathom Him without it?
He dwells in Everlasting Joy.
When love awakes,
the Lord, like a magnet,
draws to Him the soul.

Fasten your mind, O man,
On the Primal Purusha
Who is the Cause of all causes,
… the Beginningless Truth.
He pervades the infinite universe.
He shines in the cave of the heart.

Light up, O mind, light up true wisdom’s shining lamp,
And let it burn with steady flame
Unceasingly within your heart…
Dive deep, O mind, dive deep in the Ocean of God’s Beauty.
If you descend to the uttermost depths,
There you will find the gem of Love.

I shall become a yogi and dwell in Love’s mountain cave.
I shall be lost in yoga beside the Fountain-head of Bliss.
I shall draw the waters of Peace into the jar of my soul.
I shall laugh and dance and weep and sing on the heights of Joy.

Thou (art) the Spring of my boundless bliss,
Thou the Helmsman who dost steer my craft
Across the sea of life.

I have made Thee, O Lord, the Pole-star of my life.
No more shall I lose my way on the world’s trackless sea.
In my heart’s inmost shrine Thy face forever beams.

In Wisdom’s firmament the moon of Love is rising full,
And Love’s flood-tide, in surging waves, is flowing everywhere.

Om, I bow to You, the Everlasting Cause of the world.
I bow to You, Pure Consciousness,
The Soul that sustains the whole universe.

I think this song/poem is about your life and the world we live in today.