Philosophy at the Movies

The psychology behind Batman and the Joker

Batman's Background

Batman is the secret identity of billionaire Bruce Wayne, a rich playboy traumatised by the sudden death of his parents when he was a little boy. This is due Bruce decides to avenge his parents by carrying out justice in Gotham City and to protect innocent people from what he experienced.

What Batman represents

  • Batman is the hero and darkness in all of us. In the beginning of Batman Begins, Bruce develops a fear of bats. This symbolises how we are afraid, but we will continue to keep on keeping on. Through Bruce's parents dying, he learned how security is temporary. Traumatic events can lead to positive things, such as Bruce coming to protect innocent people to avenge his parents. The motives for Bruce's transformation are mostly psychologically base. He chooses a bat to be his symbol to show he has conquered his fears. Batman is a perfect union of good and evil in human life.

The Villains